Using Social Media to Keep the Spark Alive

Social Media Relationship

Businesses need to treat their customers as if they are in a committed relationship together.  Not only do businesses need to maintain trust and loyalty with their customers, they need to make sure to connect with them in new, interactive ways.  However, like any normal relationship, there will be times that the spark needs to be relit.  The latest way businesses have been satisfying this need is through social media. 

How to Maintain the Rising Sales

Social media has taken the place of many traditional advertising methods.   Now it is almost necessary for a business to be present on social media pages in order to interact with its customers. Stephanie Marcus, a journalist for Mashable, writes on how the switch to social media that has helped certain businesses thrive.  For example, Jared Fogel became the brand ambassador for Subway about 15 years ago.  Jared wasn’t present in commercials in 2005, bringing Subway’s sales down 10%.  To create a new momentum for this campaign, Subway created an interactive page on their website that shows a timeline of Jared’s weight loss and how he is keeping the weight off.  Fans can make a pledge to live a healthier life through this interactive page.  Without this new social media presence, Jared’s impact on Subway would have been quickly forgotten.  

Captivating Your Audience

In order to maintain a successful social media presence, there are certain guidelines to follow that will help in keeping your audience intrigued.  Mike Brown, a strategic brand builder, reveals 16 tactics that he says will build your fan base.  3 of these key tactics include:

1. Regularly sharing strong, intriguing content, especially news & interesting links,

2. Share content from intriguing people,

3. Don’t over-promote yourself. 


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