The Future of Business is Now With Social Media

Social media has been growing and developing ever since 1969 when CompuServe became the first major commercial Internet service provider by using technology known then as dial up. By the year 1997, the web had one million sites and this was when the first form of blogging began. The following year, Google opened as a major Internet search engine and paved the way for both social media and social networking.

 Building Trust with Consumers

 The Internet has been growing exponentially since its initial arrival and because of the massive growth and popularity; there are now millions of fake websites that people must feel constantly worried about. Social Media has eliminated an enormous amount of worry that the customer experiences when dealing with e-commerce websites (p. 18) by giving the company a more personal image and making it easier for the customer to contact the company as well as be made aware of their deals and promotions. This goes to show how businesses have used Social Media as an outlet to form a better relationship with their customers.


 Success With Social Media

 When we look at the top 5 enterprises using social media (p.21), we see what some specific companies have done in order to use social media to their advantage. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) created individual channels and communities in order to update and connect with their unique and vastly different audiences. This is primarily thanks to Danielle Brigida, who is the Digital Media Marketing Manager at NWF. This has helped the organization reach a new younger audience and eventually led to their first mobile app. 

  • The list includes;
  1. The National Wildlife Federation
  2. Ann Taylor
  3. The Muppet Studio  
  4. Whole Foods
  5. Staples


The Muppet Studio used Youtube as a social media device in order to establish a personal connect with some of their characters.



 Profiles Means Growth

The value of social media (p.32) in the world of today can have a far greater impact than one may realize. Social Media is the backbone for many companies in this modern age and can be crucial as well as essential for the development of your company and yourself. Having knowledge and an understanding about social media, as well as having a social media profile, can assist with recruiting of new employees for your company, sharing ideas among the staff to increase collaboration and advancing your career itself.


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