New strategy for a new age

Social Media Icons

While doing the readings, the section on Strategies and Campaigns in Social Media really stuck out to me. The chapter led me to a website called, Social Media Examiner . This website gives companies the starting material and knowledge they need to successfully use all media platforms for their business. I learned exactly how big social media strategy had become when I saw all the conferences and resources the site offered. This is a great way for any industry to connect with consumers and drive traffic to their main website.

The way we look at marketing is changing rapidly... the book illustrates an interesting point, the four P's of marketing (though still important) are no longer the only marketing strategy that needs to be implemented. In the article, 4 Steps to an Effective Marketing Strategy, the author introduces us to the new 4 C's 

  • Content 
  • Communication
  • Conversation
  • Conversion

 There used to be a gap in the relationship between buyers and sellers, but with social media and the 4 C's the gap is slowly closing. This allows consumers to feel closer than ever before to brands. Companies should utilize any resources that help them use social media to develop these relationships.

The last resource I want to talk about is called, "Ten Stages of Social Media Business Integration" The article is summed up with the following statement, "True business integration of social media cannot occur until you have a full understanding of the volume, locations, and nature of the online interaction." It's not enough to say you have a Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in or Pinterest, you have to properly use each platform and decide what is best for your business. 


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