Social Media and Social Networking: Are you using it correctly?


 I thought I knew a lot about social media, I’ve been on it since middle school. However a lot has changed since the early 2000’s. Here are some of the things I learned:


Write, Write and Write Some More 

Being a good writer has always been important to me – for English class. I found out that being a good writer when it comes to social media is very important. It can be a huge influence on how you show yourself and build your own personal brand. What the book says is true:  there has never been a greater time than now or an easier way to practice your writing skills than in this age of social media.

Public Relation supervisors are often shocked by the poor quality of writing they are seeing now a days. Read more here. This can definitely hurt you when it comes to applying for a job, or if your profiles online are not well written. So make yourself a better writer!


The Basics of LinkedIn 

I am pretty new to LinkedIn. I already had an account made before enrolling in this class, but had never token the time to create my profile or figure out how to use it.

I learned more about it in this chapter. I really enjoyed the link 100+ ways to use LinkedIn article, I encourage everyone to check it out! You can find it here. 

Some of the main components I took out of the reading were:

-       DO NOT treat it like Facebook

-       Make sure to completely fill out your profile

-       Make sure to have a good description of yourself

-       Connect your email to easier find contacts

-       Ask for recommendations

-       Build links to your profile


How to Tweet Effectively    

I recently just joined twitter and am already obsessed with it. I can actually say I’ve learned quite a bit from using it. The book talks about how it can help create more effective writers, and I agree with this. You can read more about it here. 

Two of what I believe is some of the most important tips I found while reading were:

  1. Every word must count                                       
  2. Quality over quantity                            

Always make sure of what you are posting because your followers are the people that will share your content.


Links & Page Numbers

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Copyblogger - How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer  (Page 97)

Links to Social Profiles