Hop Aboard the Social Media Train and Punch Your Ticket

Social media is literally at your fingertips and not going away. Every single day people are logging into their Facebook, Twitters, Google+ accounts (although I think it’s only because you’re checking your Gmail ha-ha) or if you’re on the job hunt you’re constantly looking for new connections on your LinkedIn. So if this phenomenon of Social Media is all around us and not going away, why not embrace the ever growing world of the web and get your name out there in a positive way. If you’re like most students you already have a Facebook account, maybe a Twitter, and definitely an Instagram. There’s a great article by Jeff Dunn entitled, “It’s Official: Using Twitter Makes Student’s More Engaged”, it’s a study done by an Assistant Professor at Michigan State. It basically states that more kids are on social networking sites, such as Twitter and if used in classrooms during lecture students feel more connected, it’s in real time and they grasp material better. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your laptop or smartphone during class at the teachers request, I mean we’re already looking at it every few seconds. I have class where we’ve been implementing Socrative.com, where we basically answer questions via laptop or smartphone. The answers are provided in real time and the instructor can see the percentages on who got the question right or wrong. It benefits students because it’s real, you can see instantly what you got wrong and instructors know what should be studied a little harder.

Getting "LinkedIn"

You’ve heard it a million times that employers search for you on the internet, thus Social Media and Networking can help or hinder your chances of that new job. In “Google this”, there are awesome links you can google for strategies on helping create, and expand already existing accounts. One I especially enjoyed was the article by Greg Moran entitled, “Social Branding: How to Create Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint”. It literally is a blueprint, highlighting a screenshot of a blank profile, where to put what, and suggestions on how many characters should be used in certain portions of your profile.

Is Twitter Really That Hard?

I’ve had a Twitter account for a few years now, and I’ll be completely honest and say that I don’t use it much. Maybe it was because I wasn’t too into celebrity followings, or the sound it makes when you refresh it (it’s kind of annoying), or maybe it was because I just don’t use it enough? Either way I have one and I should put it to use, which thanks to this class I’m tweeting more and looking for more followers that connect with. Another, interesting resource was from socialmediaexaminer.com: is an article entitled, “7 Twitter Strategies for Growing a Great Following”. It’s almost like a blueprint as well but shows you step by step how to sign up for a new account, look for people you know, and if you get a great following how to expand on it. 

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