Rebound With Inbound Marketing

Marketing as a Vacuum Salesman

It’s 1930s-40s you’re wearing your pressed suit, top hat, and have your umbrella in one hand and a heavy bag in the other. You knock on the door and you friendly greet the person with a smile and ask if they have a few minutes to learn about a product you’re selling. The person seems to be busy but obligated invites you in anyways to hear your pitch. You walk in, lug in your huge case, and pull out a huge vacuum. You give your pitch, explain its dimensions, its suction ability, and how easy it is to change the bag! Long story short, after your hour demonstration, your pleas with how cheap it is compared to other products, you hand your business card out, and leave with no sale! You’ve just wasted at least an hour of your time, with no sale, and granted you gave your company’s name out most likely you didn’t get her contact information (because you’re getting shoved out the door) or you didn’t leave a positive impression for a future sale. That sums up traditional marketing from YEARS ago it seems ancient it still involves being personable, and educating your customer with great content about your product. Thus, I present to you inbound marketing.

Old Marketing Not Working? Why Not Try Rebounding With Inbound Marketing?

Fast forward that same salesman to the digital age of social media, social networking, and the web. Instead, of going door to door with that personality, million dollar smile, and hoping to get a sale. Take the four marketing actions as explained best by, it gives you in their words “The best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.” You don’t even have to leave your office to promote your business you can do it sitting in your chair with a few clicks sharing on Facebook, get followers and re-tweets on Twitter, sharing directly with businesses on LinkedIn, or even get a look at the competition. You think it would take longer than traditional marketing?  Well, the folks at beg to differ. They mention that you could start today and say you reach out to 10 people a day in the physical world of marketing, you could do that with 100 hundred people the Inbound Marketing way. You still have to actually work and make sure you have great content, promote, it would be great how to SEO your page, and by the end of the month you could have at upwards at 500 possible customers. Your database of people will only grow if you’re a great pitch artist sharing content on all the social media devices available to you. Who knew selling a vacuum could reach to so many people, Inbound Marketing is a great way to drive your company’s views, contacts, and possible sales through the roof!