On my Klout game!

All about Klout:

 This was my first time ever hearing about Klout and I have to say its pretty cool! So far my Klout score is 38, but said it will take a few days to update my score once I added all my networks! I like the whole concept of Klout and the idea of linking your networks to get a personal high score. It’s great because as you keep building your network, you can increase your score. I think this would be great going into a future career in advertising and PR as a way to brand myself and come up higher in the search results since I have such a common last name. I look forward to increasing my score by posting more and growing my network to see how high I can get it by the end of the course! I will post a lot more to help increase my score and try to update my networks daily. I am so glad I learned about Klout!











The Perks of Social Media

Using all of these social media outlets can be great when it comes to your career. One of the most powerful tools many business professionals are using is LinkedIn. It is a great site to use to connect with many professionals in your field and build your career network. Many online employmet sites also give you the option of uploading your resume via LinkedIn, which is helping the site to gain in popularity while also making it easier to apply for jobs. I found an awesome article posted on Forbes which describes 9 ways to use LinkedIn to advance your career. Amongst LinkedIn, many social media sites are great for helping your career. You are able to build your own social networks, employers can find you easier, and you can connect with other professionals. Stephanie Crawford gives 5 great points on how social networking can help your carrer. So, although social media can get a bad rap sometimes, it is also a great tool to use to advance yourself professionally and build your social network.

photo credit: kdonovangaddy via photopin cc