Klout Does What??

My thoughts on Klout/ My Current Klout Score

Before taking this class, I had no idea that Klout existed. When future employers search for me on Google, hopefully my Klout will be one of the first profiles to appear. This way employers will not have to going searching Google for all my social media profiles, since Klout connects them all together in one place.

When choosing content filters Klout only lets you choose a certain amount. I feel like there should not be a limit on the number of how many you can choose, that way you have more of a variety of articles to share on your social media profiles. Also some of these articles are rather lengthy, I don’t feel like many people will actually read them. If the articles were shorter, I feel like they would be read more.

When I first created my Klout the score I received was 11. After connecting just my Facebook to it my score was 24. When I completed connecting my Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, and Google+, my current Klout score is 54. I was amazed to see such a jump.

Raising my Klout Score

While reading an article on Mashable, it talked about seven ways to raise my Klout score. I plan to use the seven ways to hopefully increase my Klout score. One of the ways I found interesting was interact talk with everyone on Klout. Don’t just talk to the people who have higher scores then you, talk to the people who have higher scores too. Talking to the people with lower scores will increase your Klout score.

Klout Helping my Professional Career

My major is advertising with a concentration in social media. My Klout is a true representation of my impact on social media. I plan to post more articles about social media, since that is my concentration.




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