Accessible Student Sections


Positive Comments from Supporters

The tone of my Facebook page is conversational. One friend has already commented on the page about “awesome” it would be to have the student section of the MSU stadium accessible to all students. He also gave me some pointers on how I could accomplish this goal. I plan to thank him for his support, and advice on how to about doing this.

If other positive comments happen, I plan to thank them for their support and answer any questions they may have. When I first started this goal, I spread the word through social media having people fill out a certain form and submitting it to MSU, I made sure to thank every single person that said the submitted that form. I feel this created value for my cause, because it reassured each person that it wasn’t just a robot behind the computer. This article gave me some great pointers on how to spread awareness of my cause on social media.

Negative Comments from Opponents

            I would explain to the negative opponents that everybody deserves the right to sit in the student section and experience the atmosphere. Yes, they do have accessible seating, but it is the visitors section. This not a fun place to be sitting especially during the U of M game. Hopefully, after that they will see both sides of the issue.  This article gives some good advice about handling negative comments.

Questions from Media who want more Information or who want to Follow-Up Offline

            I did make an email account for this cause, for that specific reason. I would encourage media outlets to email me at

 How would I Pitch a Blogger to Cover my Page

            I would make sure the blogger’s content is related to my cause. When the bloggers content is related to my cause I feel like it would be easy for the blogger to share my cause. 


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