My blog will take me far and wide

What are my plans for my blog?

  • The core idea of Board places is that it shares a unique experience of longboarding in different places. If I’m lucky enough to build up a following, maybe other boarders will be inspired to do the same and a network of location based longboarding content will be available to view with just a few clicks. There are tons of longboarding videos out there, some beautiful pieces of art, some are intense showcases of raw talent but many of them are focused on the boarding and the tricks. I want my posts to be location focused with a side of the flashy stuff. The most important thing is to capture “what it’s like to board there and what I took way from the experience.” In addition to my weekly videos, I will have posts about different aspects of longboarding and longboarding products which I have researched or used.

How will it help me?

  • This blog will make me a more conscientious and responsible boarder. Before my first post I had never worn my helmet before, and seldom wore my gloves. After my first post, I’m seriously considering investing in some elbow pads.
  • This blog will also benefit me through exercise. And not just exercise, it will motivate me to research warm ups and downs that specifically benefit muscles used while boarding. I could barely lift my left leg after filming my first post and I wish I had thought I ahead to better prepare my body.
  • Also, now that I’ve tasked myself with finding one new places per week, I basically have to have a day of fun once per week. Also, the experience of producing the video itself is hugely challenging and exciting. I stayed up until 4 AM editing my first post, and even though I have to use youtube’s royalty-free music I’m super proud of the end result.

How will it help others? Me at my first longboarding place

  • Living at MSU this past year, I boarded a lot. I boarded mostly through campus and sometimes through the neighborhoods. My friends and I took a day trip down the far end of the river trail and ended up at a place called Hawk Island. Even though it’s part of board culture to, “look for the good spots, it’s a shame that, had we not taken that board trip, we might never have found that amazing place.
  • I would like to have each post include a short video of me boarding the place, a written experiential report, and my notes on health/safety and tech/gear.
  • If I had googled “places to board around east Lansing” and someone had done with Hawk Island what I’m attempting to do with other places, then I would have been able to experience Hawk Island with only five minutes and a couple clicks. My blog benefits others by giving them sample experiences of my quests to find beautiful and enjoyable board places.