Did Klout measure my social media influence accurately?

Klout.com Activation Summary

When I activated by Klout.com account, it said my score was a 20 based solely on my Facebook account. After adding all of my linkable accounts, my Klout score went up to 42. I read that the median score is a 40, which seems pretty plausible but also a little low given that the range is from 1-100. However, looking at my score only, I do have a lot of social media accounts with a decent following, and I usually get a little reaction on most of what I post. With that, I’m not too surprised with where I’m at with my score.

I’ve been working on this assignment for a few days and my Klout score has increased substantially, with my score now at 59 after two days. I’m still trying to figure out how the site works, and how it determines your score, but it’s a very interesting concept. It seems as if my score is influenced the most through my Facebook, and it was my birthday on Sunday (May 11), so that may have something to do with the increase.

Ultimately, I would like to see my score around 70 when the class is over. It may seem as if I’m already close to my goal, but after reading how the scoring system works, the higher you are, the harder it is to increase your score. I will continue using Facebook and Twitter like I have and see where it takes me. If I don’t see it increasing any time soon, I’ll pick up posting from Klout to my social media sites and try and post from my social media sites more often.

My Klout score could help my professional career because if I decide to go into social media, a high Klout score would show a company how big of an influence I have on a following. It would also show a potential employer that I would be able to help a company gain recognition because I am able to acquire the attention of not only friends, but complete strangers through a website like Twitter, where my profile is public. 

My Social Media Sites

I have more social media pages, but you can go to my Klout.com profile to view the rest.


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