Moosejaw Mountaineering - Notice me! - A tale of brand awareness for Tents

Campaign: Moosejaw Mountaineering - Increase Awareness for large tent sales


Campaign choice on google Adwords:  Search Network with Display Select –  Because the description says “best opportunity to reach the most customers.” Since awareness is the main goal, this is the best option for the campaign.


We will show ads on all devices (tablet, desktop, phone) and designate the campaign to the United States. Because of the area, we will use English as the language for the campaign.


Times for the Campaign and Target User

Monday – Friday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday10 a.m. -8 p.m.


I chose these time periods because of the target audience for this campaign – families. During these times many families will be spending time together, whether it be after work Monday through Friday or during the day on the weekends. Since the goal for this campaign is to bring more awareness to Moosejaw and their sale of tents to families, I chose times when it is likely for families to be researching things to do together, and possible family vacations.



Because the campaign is targeted at awareness, I chose these adwords because they obtain the goal of letting consumer know that Moosejaw sells tents

High quality tents

Family sized tents

four person tent

family camping tent

buy tents online

best four person tent

four season family tent

large family tents

large family camping tents


Example of Ads:




The landing page linked in the ad will go directly to the four-person tent page on Moosejaws website to provide less work for the user, making it easy for them to see the opportunities for the tents and possibly even make a purchase. While purchases are not the main goal of this campaign, it certainly doesn't hurt to obtain a few.



Adwords has a function to control how much money spent daily on the campaign. I’d recommend spending a ratio of how much money Moosejaw Mountaineering would like to spend on digital advertising. I’d suggest doing it at a lower percentage until it proves to be a great campaign, and then upping the budget. The great thing about this is that you can make it so that you only spend what you want and you can adjust it anytime. It’s not like a billboard that comes at a set cost for a set time period. You can change it at anytime. To check on the ad rank, we will use the formula: Max CPC x Quality Score. Max CPC will be set at what Adwords sets it at, an option presented by Adwords. Currently, adwords has set it at  $00.01, and estimates the cost to be $00.00. This will change when the campaign is put in use.

Another benefit of using adwords is that it is a free tool to use. You can set up your campaign, set up the budget, and go. There is no extra cost for using Adwords.



Tracking progress is possibly the next most important thing. Adwords can track a few things, but what this campaign will focus on tracking is views. This is because the goal is to gain awareness and tracking the clicks to views conversion rate accommodate this goal.