Digital Strategy Lush - Your daily Dirty routine

Today’s consumer is much more conscious of ingredients and processes that go into making of products. This is why the concept of natural cosmetic is gaining popularity these recent years. Lush is a global cosmetics retailer, aiming to provide ethical, animal-friendly all-natural products; offering products today’s environmentally aware consumer is looking for. 

Their product portfolio which does not contain any preservative gives them a competitive edge against competitors (Body Shop being an example). Lush offers a direct, great in-store experience and has a successful digital marketing strategy in place already. Yet, this campaign suggests to further exploit and embrace the company’s digital realm, and tailor their digital efforts towards a new target audience.

Target Group

Currently, the target market for Lush are young professional women ages 20-35 years with a passion for eco-friendly products. Lush wants to expand its market to include the young professional male, of the same age. These men place great importance on their outer appearance, and belong to a greatly media savvy generation. They are reached best via multiple media channel simultaneously. Since Lush’s new product line is not gender exclusive, and Lush cosmetics are often bought as a gift, women represent a secondary target group (which, however, will not be taken into account for this campaign).

Campaign Objectives & KPI

The strategy is to communicate Lush’s value on educating and using recyclable and environmentally sound products to achieve their goals and reach out to the new target market. Besides, it will promote its new male product line by a variety of digital means. The campaign's Key Performance Indicator is the percentage of revenue that comes from the male product line bought online and in-store. This factor will indicate to what extent the strategy has been able to convince its male audience to purchase Lush’s environmentally sound products. To that end, this campaign is aiming at an increase in website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and increase online sales of particular (male) products. As a flagship product, Lush’s Dirty product line, including soap, fragrance, shower gel, shaving cream as well as hair cream is being promoted.

The Big Idea - Your daily Dirty routine

Men can best be approached by rational arguments and scientifically proven benefits, conveyed through an easily understandable language. This campaign is aiming to appeal to men’s need for daily routine care products, promoting Lush’s ‘Dirty’ product line. The slogan used to advertise this campaign is ‘Your daily Dirty routine’, as I consider it both catchy and appealing for a male audience. Also, it is important to educate the new target group about Lush’s mission of ethical, animal-friendly all-natural products, being an essential part of this digital marketing plan. Introducing the ‘Naked products – Take a peek’ video clip, information on how Lush products are being made are successfully communicated. A multimedia approach will use various digital avenues, to ultimately lead back to Lush’s main website and stir consumer’s buying behaviour.

Internet Marketing

This campaign will make use of both organic and paid search results. Monopolizing keyword searches within the market will give the strategy an edge, allowing Lush’s products easily to be found. Having done research into the preferences of the target group, popular keywords to be considered in content creation for the campaign are ‘Handmade Cosmetics’, ‘Lush’, ‘Naked Products’, ‘Lush Men’ and ‘Dirty Daily Routine’. These keywords and phrases are to be frequently included to allow for high organic search engine rankings and provide a blanket for SEO coverage. The campaign will employ SEO, to position its content properly to be found, as well as invest in paid options. A Google AdWords campaign, advertising the keywords ‘Lush Cosmetics’, ‘Lush Men’, ‘’Lush’, ‘Lush Dirty’ and ‘Dirty Soap’ will be used to attract consumers and lead additional traffic to Lush’s website. A sample ad for the Google AdWords Campaign might read (supported by appealing visuals):

Your daily Dirty routine

Dirty Soap for Lush Men

50% off selected Fresh Handmade Cosmetics while stocks last.

Available Now- in-store & online at

Mobile Strategy

To reach our audience on the go, mobile banners will be designed to appear on apps, such as Facebook, or online issues of publications. The ads will be optimized to the magazines commonly read by the target audience, GQ or Men’s Health being an example. They will lead to Lush’s main website promoting its male Dirty product line. The mobile campaign’s budget will run on a CPC basis, tailored to the target group’s demographics, set on a monthly budget of 2000$.

Social Media

To further promote its new male product line, social media networks will be employed. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will integrate conversations, share content and drive traffics to Lush content online. The layout needs to be consistent on all their social accounts. As opposed to its competitors, who take on a more professional tone, Lush may take on a let-me-be-your-friend approach, sharing more about the team and how their weekend went, as well as showcasing their different products. This way, a more personal relationship to its consumer’s can be built, and Lush’s brand awareness enhanced.

After a period of about a month, which is mainly dedicated to raise awareness for the brand and its latest male product line, a photo sharing contest will be held. Hold on Instagram, but announced and promoted via Twitter and Facebook, the contest asks consumers, both male or female, to share their ‘Dirty’ product experience during their daily routine. Participants and followers are ask to use the hashtag #YourdailyDirtyroutine to link to the campaign’s contest. The most creative photos will be announced after a contest period of two month. Winners will be stocked with a year supply of the entire Dirty product line.

Yet another essential part of this digital marketing plan is to educate the new target group about Lush’s mission of ethical, animal-friendly all-natural products. A video, showing a Lush product’s lifecycle, will add transparency to the production process of its products and ultimately add credibility to the values the company promotes actively. The video will produced in a catchy way, to encourage consumers to share it among their fellows. It will be promoted via Lush’s social media networks, blogs and main website. The idea development and production will be kept in house. It will be shared in the very beginning of the campaign, and is constantly referred to during the upcoming month.


An important part of this strategy is digital word of mouth, such as YouTube beauty blogs. Lush will need to do research on who are the leading male players in the beauty blog scene, and approach them accordingly. Bloggers will not be paid directly, but will be provided with cosmetic products on a regular basis. Having bloggers tell and actually show consumers the benefits of Lush products will replace the in-store experience consumer miss out on when buying online, and boost product promotion. Also, guest blogging between Lush and supported charities (Lush is funding with a certain percentage of its revenue) will generate conversation and built the brand’s online presence.

Campaign Evaluation

Tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics will be used to measure whether the campaign lived up to its initial expectations. In fact, we will be able to measure how many times a video is shared, how many people landed on Lush’s website resulting from online banner or advertising, etc. Ultimately, the percentage of revenue that comes from the male product line bought online and in-store during the 3 month period will be the campaign’s key performance indicator. Seeing a 6% increase in revenue from male products during this 3 month period is considered successful.


The Google AdWords Planner calculated an average cost of 3000$ to advertise the five chosen keywords gaining an estimated 969 daily clicks and 35.2k impressions. The mobile strategy will run on a monthly basis set to 2000$. Given the length of the campaign, the overall costs for the mobile strategy will amount to 6000$ (3 month a 2000$). The video production, creating a 60 second short clip, has been estimated to cost about 4000$, keeping content creation and the actual video production in house. The cost to equip the 10 most influential bloggers with the entire product line will amount to 1200$, plus an additional 1500$ for the winners of the Instagram photo sharing contest. In total, the overall budget for this strategy will amount to 15,700$.

On A Final Note

‘Your daily Dirty routine’ campaign is a great opportunity for Lush to expand the company’s target market to a male audience, introducing Dirty as its flagship product line. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will serve as primary marketing tools to generate conversations, share content and engage the audience to ultimately raise brand awareness and generate sales. The campaign will initially run over a period of three month, whereas the first month is dedicated to raise awareness, while the following month will actively pursue consumers to buy and spread the word. Given the enormous amount of consumers this campaign can reach, possibly accounting for a great increase in revenue, the cost of 15,700$ are considered appropriate. A clip, introducing a Lush product’s lifecycle, will educate the new target market about Lush’s eco-friendly products and mission, and can run in collaboration with other promotional efforts of Lush.