Professional social media development by using Klout

Klout Score

Klout is something that was very new to me before taking this course. I understand the Klout is used to measure your social media usage with a Klout score. The Klout score helps you gage how you can improve in areas of social media based on which sites you use. When I first logged into Klout I had a Score of 10. After a few days and increased activity on my social media accounts my Klout score has raised to 51. I still don’t know what a great score is in Klout but I’m happy to see I am ahead of Warren Buffet in the Klout Score Category. See my Klout Score here. 

Influence on Professional Career

As a future business professional I think it will be important to use Klout to increase my personal brand. I can do this in a number of ways. One way is to check activity on my social media accounts so I can gauge whether I am using them effectively. For example, Klout showed me that I wasn’t utilizing my LinkedIn account which made me want to improve my utilization of LinkedIn. So my next step was finding how I could improve my utilization of LinkedIn. So, I found an article that will help me improve my LinkedIn account. It gives great insight on the 5 must have aspects of a LinkedIn profile which are 1) Picture 2) Headline 3) Summary 4) Publications 5) Recommendations. To see article click here.  By improving my LinkedIn profile I can increase the amount of connections which will lead to more professional opportunities. My Klout score will improve as well as I make progress on LinkedIn.

Klout also allows me to gauge the content that I post over all my pages and gives me suggestions on others who have the same interest as me. For example, I am interested in accounting because it’s my major so I put accounting as one of my interest. My selected interest allowed Klout to automatically find others with the same interest and so I can connect with them. This will defiantly help me in my professional career because companies are focusing more of their recruiting efforts on social media sites. Here’s an article that talks about making connections and the job recruiting process through social media.

 My goal in using Klout is to continue raising my score by improving my social media pages in a professional matter so I may have more opportunities and increase my personal brand.