How Your Klout Score Can Help Your Professional Career

Klout is a social media website that measures how effective people are when interacting with others on social media pages. It also measures how others on social media pages talk about you. Klout uses social media analytics to rank its users, with a number between 1-100. The higher the score, the more influence you have.

According to an article by Susan Gilbert, Klout can help you in your professional career. Gilbert states that, "More and more companies are starting to factor in a potential candidate's Klout score, and may even choose to hire the individual with the most 'clout'". Social media is taking over the way people communicate, which is why Klout can help me professionally. It takes all of my social media channels and shows how much influence I have. Employers in areas such as Advertising prefer hiring people with high levels of influence.

After linking all of my social media channels, I achieved a final score of 51 on Klout. I am right in the middle of the range, and would like to start raising my score as quickly as possible. According to Wendy Frink, a social media editor at, “To increase a Klout score connect more social accounts than just Twitter and Facebook, giving Klout more data to pull from.” I already have my social accounts linked, but I need to engage and interact more on a few of my accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Four-square. Doing this, will definitely help raise my Klout score. 


How Your Klout Score Can Help You Professionally 

Klout Score Explained

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