Social Media and Your Professional Career

Although I signed up for a Klout account over a year ago, I never considered it anything more than a way for the web-addicted to boost their egos. I coincidentally read an article about Klout a couple weeks ago but shirked it off—what could it really matter? After entering this course, however, I realize that it actually means a lot more than that.

My Klout score rising 20 points

By linking in my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, Klout has calculated the impact of my presence on social media. This may not seem very remarkable, but I started to get the picture once I saw my score had jumped—all the way from 30 to 50.

The change only occurred because I plugged in my Instagram account to the calculation, but the occurrence really hit me. It’s not like I’m euphoric because I’m so influential or anything, it’s that I never realized how much potential all these outlets have. I haven’t used any of my social media accounts for business purposes before, but as someone who does a lot of freelance work, realizing the potential of all these sources really hits home. Even Instagram, which up to this point I’ve considered the most limited and frivolous of my social media accounts, has potential to be the most influential part of your online presence. New studies show that more businesses are Instagram than ever. Seeing my score almost double from just that account really opened my eyes.

Since I’m about to graduate in May and be on my own in this big world, being more present online is going to be vital to my career. I won’t have the expansive network of resource that the school has been offering me at my disposal anymore, so getting myself out there online will be very, very necessary.