Going In-depth to define Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing: A simple and effective process!

Just when you thought the Marketing field couldn't get any larger, another strategy of marketing pops up! Inbound Marketing-what is it? After researching to find  the perfect definition, I dont think Google could have said it any better.  Inbound Marketing; "Marketing for today's consumer. Marketing that is where your best prospects are when they are looking for products, services, and answers: online. It is is all about attracting people to your website where you convert them into leads."

Inbound marketing is all a process of taking a stranger, and converting them into not only a valuable consumer of your product, but a promoter of your product!





Why use Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing has a variety of aspects, but the main objective of Inbound Marketing is creating unique content that appeals to the consumer, and being able to effectively share that content with as many users as possible!  The Inbound Marketing Strategy has proven to be effective because of the way it has the ability to attract consumers with its unique approach. The key to successful Inbound Marketing is the content that is specifically geared towards individuals. Because the content is so detailed and tailored, it has the ability to attract qualified prospects to your product and opens their eyes to other products you sell that relate to their orignial needs! It also keeps the customer coming back for more of your products, as well as sets the stage for valuable referrals. 



How Distil Networks uses Inbound Marketing

As a leading public and private cloud security provider, Distil Network uses Inbound Marketing by using "Hubspot" in order to reach out and obtain valuable clients. Hubspot is an "inbound marketing software platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convery leads and close customers." Distil began with simply creating a blog and writing about the advantages of their specific products. Rami Essaid, Distils Networks Co-founder, found that the content that was the most successful was the content that described how useful their products were; which came to him by no surprise--people want products at the time that they need them, that are going to have a significant benefit. By using Hubspot and enhancing their blog, Distil Network not only got the word out about their services, but was able to attract customers through search engine optimization. Ever since the company started using Hubspot, they saw an 107% increase in Inbound Sales, 20% increase in number of site visits, and 60% increase in revenue growth from their company. These stats solely are enough to prove how effective simply creating specific content in a site and reaching out to consumers has the potential to go a long way, all while improving the chances of increasing your companies revenue!