Final Presentation

  1. Hello, I’m Sarah Tyson and today I am going to present to you my campaign for Lucy Activewear! 
  2. Lucy is a women’s clothing line that manufactures attractive athletic apparel and accessories for women. One of Lucy's goals as a brand is that your workout apparel should not only support your athletic activities, but should be trendy and flattering at the same time. Creating clothing and accessories that you can use for your everyday attire and not just during your athletic activities.
  3. With my campaign there are three main things that I am aiming to successfully orchestrate. First I would like to create better brand awareness, second generate more sales for the company and third to allow more customers to sign up and become a member with the brand where this would give the company access to members email addresses, which would allow an additional method of communication and advertisement to connect with the customer.
  4. Since Lucy is strictly targeted towards women, it will appeal to my target audience of all women ages 18 and up and those who are interested in athletic apparel.
  5. With my campaign, my big idea to raise better awareness for the company and generate more sales, in doing so, by creating a free downloadable Lucy application designed for smart phones and other portable devices. Now customers can research and purchase products at there own convenience. As customers navigate through the Lucy application they will be able to browse through images of different products and styles, prices, sizes available and also be provided with the information of their stores locations and hours. Having an application allows customers to gain access to your brand whenever or wherever they are.
  6. To spread the word about the new Lucy application, I plan to use Google AdWords and social media. Using, SEO, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Using social media, like Facebook and Twitter, I will be able to promote the application to get more downloads and in turn produce more sales and better brand awareness.
  7. Both Google AdWords and Social Media are great ways to advertise, not only the brand, but also the application as well. This application will bring great value to customers by creating a new, innovative way, for them to shop with the company. Here I have an example for Google AdWords of a keyword I plan to use and what a sample ad for it would look like. Why use social media? I believe this will engage the customers, promote the application to get more downloads, increase sales and raise brand awareness. The more Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers Lucy has, the more money the company is going to make because social media exposure has been proven to have a positive influence among sales.
  8. As far as the timeline for my campaign it is based off a one year timeframe and in that period I wish to accomplish designing and building the application for Lucy, increasing awareness through ads and social media promotions, raising our customer base and increasing sales. The goals for my social media timeline are, for Facebook, to increase likes from 57,000 to 60,000, for Twitter, increase followers from 11,500 to 13,000 and for Instagram to increase followers from 4,665 to 6,500. Building a strong community on social media is a great way to promote and give exposure to your brand and raise awareness.
  9. The digital marketing budget will be $48,000 per month, so $576,000 a year plus an additional $100,000 in creating the application and developers. Therefore, coming to a total of $676,000. My budget is based off the total annual revenue of $10 million dollars and a 12 month or 1 year timeframe.
  10. 10.  Based of determining if this campaign will be a success or not, I will use key performance indicators to figure this out by measuring how many downloads the application receives, measuring any increase in sales throughout the company, and also measuring how many of those sales are made through using the application. Also looking at an increase in social media and ad promotions by considering the rise in our social media fan base, (by likes, followers, views, comments, retweets and etc.) interacting with customers through social media (tweeting them or responding to comments) and having other companies on social media promote Lucy and the application. Also looking at website traffic by tracking views, keywords, purchases and any new membership sign ups.


Lucy is a great example of a brand that can drastically grow through digital marketing because they do not yet have an application for their company, therefore creating one will open a whole new market for consumers and develop a higher profit in sales. Not only will they benefit through digital marketing, but also an application alone will increase their visibility. Creating an application constructs a space where consumers can view it at their leisure, whatever best works with their flexibility. This new market will provide a framework for all Lucy customers; giving them any information they need through content that is accessible to you whenever you need it. 

My Campaign