Savvy Social Media

Sitting in class last week, my eyes were opened to all new types of social media. My thoughts changed from knowing about each social media site to actually learning how to use each site affectively. Types are changing and people have an easy way to voice their opinions in these outlets. While creating my profile account, I decided the five most important things I want to learn from this class: How to blog, improving knowledge about the sites, understanding google and all it has to offer, learning the rules of online PR, and gaining knowledge companies are looking for now-a-days.


Facebook has proved to be the easiest of the social media sites. It is common knowledge to our age of people. This site is made for helping people learn social media. "What's on your mind?" This site probes you tell your networks how you feel. I did learn something knew with this site, how to personalize my URL. I was able to do that with all 4 of my accounts. 


LinkedIn is known to be a professional Facebook, but it is not as user friendly as Facebook in my eyes. I had orginally started my LinkedIn before this class started but it helped me get closer to finishing it. I'm at 85% but I can't figure out how to get farther. I like that once you are linked with someone you can link to their network too. I learned how to ask for recommendations which was great, because it's like a letter of recommendation when you've done a great job at one of your jobs!


Twitter is by far my favorite social media site that we've explored thus far. I love being able to follow celebrities and hearing what they have to say minute by minute, and it's so much fun being able to communicate with them. Also, it's great to follow businesses because some post job or internship opportunities. I have learned that numerous people I know followed a company they were interested in and found out they were hiring through Twitter. 


Google profile goes along with my gmail account. I still have not completely figured out what this is used for besides to contact and chat with my contacts on gmail. I'm assuming is used as another way to get your name out their in the google world and help you find more social media outlets. By finding these profiles in a google search of your name, it could link the person searching with your information to twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. 


All types of social media

Image from Idaconcpts