HBO on the Go-Go

Responsive Design

            The first thing that is quite notable on the HBO mobile website (not actually a separate mobile website) is the responsiveness to size. Adjusting from its regular wide screen format to fit my tiny iPhone 6 screen the blog posts are easily readable with blurbs to help viewers click which link they want.


            Also included in the responsive design of is the menu button, which is visible by 3 horizontal bars on the top left and the search bar on the top right. While both remain at the top of the page, they have been optimized for smart phone usage, expanding only when clicked on.


            I suggest HBO look into making the search bar and menu button more responsive by having them hover at the top of the screen while viewers scroll down. This means the viewer won’t have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the website to have access to these options.


*Upon further investigation the website’s responsive design is easily viewable by changing the size of the window on laptops as well*





            There is no mobile specific content on the HBO website (meaning all content is already viewable on the main website) except for the app download.

            As I have talked about before the app has received horrible reviews on Apple’s App store and suggestions indicate it is just better to use the website for reading HBO news. However, as the app was created for streaming videos, the ability to read the blog posts created by HBO was not the priority.


            A lot of HBO’s photographs and videos are high definition which can be irritating when trying to load the website with variable Internet connections. The website seems most concerned with downloading the image for viewing instead of first laying out all the text available. Consider implementing coding that makes text loading a priority over video when the text is the main body of entertainment.


All in all HBO has proven themselves to be tech savvy and aware of customer’s interests. Their mobile website is effective, fluid and packs a decent punch.