Brand Monitoring - TOMS


Over the past three days I have monitored these keywords using Hootsuite, Google Alerts, and Twendz. This week was particular interesting to monitor TOMs as October 13th was World Site Day, and thus there was lots of buzz going around online about TOMs and activities they had set up promoting the national awareness day. Following up what I have discovered from my last assignment analyzing TOMS SEO, I have decided monitor the following key works.

The results were as follows for the following keywords:

Toms: Often vague through social media platforms.  TOMS in all capital letters however has a much stronger association to the brand. Although there is lots of positive feedback on a regular day to TOMS, the past few days has been rather unusual with some very critical opinions going around and even sharing of the video “A Day without Dignity.” (Video Shown below)

Toms Shoes: Often included with this keyword were topics such as ethical shoes, paying it forward,  or helping the poor. Although these were all positive associations for the brand these were also the keywords with the most negative comments being referenced towards. Anyone who does not like the look of TOMs or the idea behind the concept of the brand seemed to all take it out over twitter discussing how “ugly” the shoes were.

Toms Eyewear: Often included with this keyword were topics such as good customer satisfaction, new line, and World Site Day.  Many positive discussions and events were shared these past few days as TOMs held a lot of promotional events as well as focused their digital marketing towards the national day of awareness.

One for One: When searching “#One4One” you obviously get conversation about Toms, however the topic “one for one” often has some political references and notion to it. Although people mentioning One for One were often praising it or saying they had joined the movement, their voices were lost in the confusion of the keyword.

Shoe giving:  This keyword perhaps was the weakest of those I monitored. Not only did TOMs not have a strong connection with these keywords, but in opposition these keywords often link to TOMs main competitors, promoting them.

Effect on the Brand: Keywords and how they are being used are both clear elements in the construction of user’s perceptions of a brand. If consumers see negative connections to a keyword they will hold those connections to be true, thus changing their overall image of the brand. It can shape someone’s perceptions when hearing about the brand for the first time, as well as make customers hesitate to share positive information for fear of not fitting in with the norm.


  • Key events such as World Site Day, and events held by TOMs promote positive awareness. Try to have more activity related to awareness that other will be more likely to share
  • Be consistent with utilizing the keyword “TOMS” over “toms”. 
  • Respond and communicate with those that think toms shoes are unattractive or have negative opinions about the approach, views, and priorities of TOMS. Reach out to them and hopefully they will see things differently.
  • Try to utilize “shoe giving” or other similar keywords more. This is where you are typically drown out by you competitors.