Expect more. Pay less. The Target Way of Doing Things

Who is Target?

 As a company Target seems to have it all; from clothes to beauty products and laundry detergent to groceries. Target has evolved in many ways since opening its doors in 1902 in Minneapolis, MN where it was founded as a dry goods store. Since the beginning the focus of the store was giving back, which it continues to do everyday. This quote from the founder really explains what Target is all about,

 "Success is making ourselves useful in the world, valuable to society, helping in lifting in the level of humanity, so conducting ourselves that when we go the world will be somewhat better of our having lived the brief span of our lives."

—George Draper Dayton

Another way that Target gives back to its communities is by giving 5% of its profits back to the communities it serves, this has been in place since 1946. I have found that Target’s company goals go hand in hand with the products that they are selling to their customers. They offer high quaity products and high quality service to everyone that enters their stores. 


Above is a screenshot of their website, which is very user friendly and laid out simply yet offers a wide variety of products. 

 Key Messages:

Their corporate website focuses on 6 key messages, which are:

  • Great shopping, anywhere, anytime.
  • Celebrating inclusion & diversity
  • Design for all
  • Community support & engagement
  • More for your money
  • Fun and rewarding place to work 

Is Target's key messaging simple and understandable?

  • Yes, they are very community focused and like to give back whenever they can. I believe they hit all of their key messages/ goals above. As a Target patron myself I can see their key messages in their commercials, in store advertisments and all over thier social media sites. By focusing on these main messages Target can create their culture around these and keep customers satified everytime.  

What audiences do you think Target is trying to communicate to? 

  • Families, moms and kids especially are an audience that is being Targeted in many ads from Target. One Ad that I saw recently on Target’s You Tube page was for packing a kid’s school lunch and this involves both parents and their kids.
  • Kids in particular are Targeted when the commercials and advertisements show the latest toys that the kids are going to want to buy. Many of Target’s commercials include kids also.

*They also advertise Cartwheel in this ad which is their coupon site. In this particular ad they do a great job of selling the popular toys to the kids but by advertising the discounts they also engage the parents, who will be most likey to buy the toys if they are on sale/ a deal. 

  • Young woman who may have a certain edgy or artistic style. These woman tend to be targeted in commercials that involve clothes, shoes, and make-up that Target sells. Lately Target has been doing a lot of back-to-school clothing ads that draw in girls and young woman trying to look good on those first days of classes.

 How does Target communicate benefits to the audiences it reaches out to? 

  • Expect more. Pay less.
  • Great design that is affordable.
  • They want to create high quality products and sell them at a lower price then competitors.
  • They are always talking about the current deals they have going on. They even created an app called Cartwheel that has all off their current deals on it and has done away with coupon clipping. 

 Social Media Accounts:








Below I followed how Target advertised the Harry's shaving company partnering with Target. I found they placed different advertisements on each of their social media accounts and I have provided those links below. Target seems to have a good grasp on what works on each platform and they understand that each platform requires something a little different. By putting a video on Facebook, picture on Instagram, and an at length article on their corporate website they were able to cover all of the different audiences that would be viewing this campaign. 

Harry's is coming to Target! - A Bullseye view Target Website post 

"Target & Harry's have teamed up to offer high-quality men's shaving at an awesome price. The collection lands 8/10." Click here to see the Facebook video.

Click here to view Instagram Post about Harry's. 

As I have started to read the first few chapters of "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" by David Meerman Scott, I have begun to understand what he means when he says "New Rules". He explains to readers that marketing and PR are currently changing to be more consumer focused and less media and press released focused. Today everyone wants information and questions answered quickly and the best way possible to do that is for companies to utilize the web. The web provides information at the finger tips of any and every consumer, making their decision process quicker than ever before. The problem that Scott has found is, "The new ideas make people uncomfortable. Naturally, marketing and PR people who learned the old rules resist the new world of direct address. It means that to be successful, they need to learn new skills" (Scott 25). Companies that communicate through the web daily are having the most success with marketing these days. And I believe this is true, as I have been looking through Target's many platforms I can see that they put a lot of information out on the web for their customers to find. Target has name recognition obviously but it is still important that they use all of the tools they can to reach their consumers directly through the web. What Scott says is most important though is for small companies to use the web to get information out to possible consumers. Waiting around and hoping your press release gets picked up isn't even close to being enough in todays market. Your company needs to be creating content constantly that can be easily located by consumers on the web, this is crucial in winning business because I know if I can't find a website with information about a product I am most likely not going to buy it, but instead find one with reviews that I can trust and use to help me decide. 

What I found interesting in Target's case in particular is that they have dedicated a whole website just to their mission and providing the right information to their customers about the image they want for their company. Scott says it best; "The web allows organizations to deliver the right information to buyers, right at the point when they are most receptive to the information" (Scott 41). If a consumer is out seeking information and your company is ready to provide it to them in a straight forward and easy way you are already a step ahead of your competitors. That is what I found most interesting about these first three chapters; just how powerful the web is and that even large companies are shifting a majority of their advertising budgets to focus on online projects. It just goes to show you that there are new rules to the PR and marketing world and if you can't handle them, it might not be the right industry for you anymore.