MSU Star -- Draymond Green's social medium

   My brand is Draymond Green and I follow him on the Instagram, Twitter and the other social medium. I think the key message of Draymond Green wants to communicate online is: To be a better man which includes in professional basketball career, importance of the brotherhood and improves his reputation in the society. In addition, Green currently is the spokesperson of the Nike company, and I can see lots of advertisements on his social medium.

   Most of the posts on Green’s social medium such as Instagram is about each important achievement in his life. As we all know, the US basketball team won the gold medal in 2016 Rio Olympics, and Green is one of the member in US basketball team. I think the key message is simple and understandable.

   The audience of my brand will be young basketball player and the fans of Green. For example: 

The picture shown above says Green encourages his fans to make their biggest noise for Warriors. In another way, only the audiences who like Green are willing to buy his number 23 shirt.

   I think the unique selling proposition of my brand is that Green is an active NBA player in Golden Warrior, since he plays well in every season and become more and more famous, his reach will become larger and the audiences to buy his products would be proud.

  The same or the similar messages are exactly the same contents and pictures across multiple media platforms.

Here is the homepage of Green's Instagram: 

Here is the links to Green's social medium: