A Clean-Cut Website Leads to Sparkling Sales

Business Objectives and KPI's

The main purpose of Urban Outfitters’ website is for consumers to explore the product options that UO has to offer. UO expects to generate both sales and awareness of new products, promotions, and services they have for their consumers. After viewing the website I am easily able to search for any product they have by either using the search bar or exploring the different tabs they have listed on the top of the page. Sales would have to be the number one objective for the website, considering the prevalence of online shopping with today’s use of technology. Along with sales, UO creates awareness for users when it comes to sales, promotions, and rewards programs. Google Analytics is a very helpful tool that is able to help them measure their website’s effectiveness.


Target Market  

Urban Outfitters’ target audience are young adults that are both men and women interested in the newest trends whether it be clothing, furniture, beauty products, or music. The target audience appeals to apartment/home owners as well, considering their apartment section, which includes products ranging from kitchen supplies to bedding. Since the majority of the apartment section’s inventory is online, the website is the main place for consumers to explore and purchase any household items. After clicking the apartment tab, a list of sub tabs appear, listing the main header of the product. And example would of the tabs would be: On Campus, Furniture, Bedding, Kitchen + Bar, etc.. The Music + Tech tab is a place for any music lover to explore or preorder UO’s newest music releases or discover the technology and accessories they have to offer. As far as this category is concerned, I believe UO is doing a suitable job at organizing their products into different groups and subgroups.


Overall, the Urban Outfitters website is user friendly for a few reasons, one being that it has responsive design. When I logged on to the page from my iPhone, everything was scaled to fit my screen in a way that was organized and easily viewable. I was able to find everything just as I would from my laptop. The website flows in a way that lists the most relevant content on top and moves down to the less significant material, such as the area that shows the UO blog or social media sites, which is not generally the reason for users to visit the website. The “three to five second test” was passed in the sense that I was able to skim over and find anything I needed, whether it be UO’s contact information or the current women’s sale items. After using the source Website Grader, Urban Outfitters received a worthy score 84 out of 100 once I entered in the website domain. Performance wise, UO’s page was 3.6 MB, although the suggested size is 3 MB. This controls the website’s load time. The number of page requests could use some improvement, which can be fixed by combining files together. The page speed did the best under the performance category, which had an average load time of .9 seconds. Page speed is extremely important because that determines whether or not someone will leave the page. 

Search Engine Optimization

Website Grader was additionally able to give me information regarding the SEO of the Urban Outfitters website. The page title category received a good score since they were all kept under 70 characters and did not repeat any key words, for example, under the Women’s tab some of the page titles included “Dresses + Rompers”, “Tops”, “Bottoms”, etc.. They were all specific to that page and unique within the site. UO also exceled at meta descriptions, which were all less than 155 characters and relevant to the page. When the meta description is too long, it wont appear on Google, and if it is not relevant to the page it leads to it will cause the user to click the back button. UO’s site map is designed well, too. In order to get to a specific item, for example, women’s tops, it takes about two clicks to get to that section of the website. It is key to not steer too far away from the homepage in order to get to a specific area. Some of the key words that Urban Outfitters targets are: urban, shop, outfitters, and urban outfitters. These key words generate the most traffic to the UO main website.  


There are quite a few metrics to be measured that can help UO determine information about their users. Sales by Region is a metric that will assist UO in finding which regions are generating the most sales, and which regions are underperforming. Customer Satisfaction and Retention is another metric to pay attention to that can help establish repeat customers and customer satisfaction. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is able to send out quarterly surveys that will track how likely a customer is to recommend UO to someone they know. More metric types can be found here.

This photo is an example of the tabs discused above that contain the different product categorys and sub categorys. As you can see, this shows the Women's section with the tab "Collections" hilighted listing the different options.