Final Presentation

Final Presentation Slides!

Slide 1:

My brand is the Los Angeles Lakers, which is obviously located in the City of Angels.


Slide 2:

Before making digital strategic recommendations to the brand, we will have to fully understand who the Lakers’ target audience are, as well as the budget of the plan.


The Lakers team color codes are Purple and Gold. 40% of the users are under age 35 and more tech-savvy. The target audience of the Lakers mainly is people around age 18 to 49, who are from diverse cultural backgrounds and have a higher percentage of males.


Since the Lakers heavily rely on different digital segments to promotes the brand, the estimated budget would be around 20 to 25% of the overall revenue.


Slide 3:

Surprisingly, over 60% of Lakers’ Twitter followers are from other states, whereas only 30% are from California. That statistic actually tells us, the Lakers fans are not just based in CA, but all over the United States.


Slide 4:

The Lakers have done a decent job of promoting the brands through social media platforms. As the Lakers are using different social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, they allow the audience to choose what they would like to use or follow.

The contents of these social media platforms are similar but not exactly the same. The quality content is visually very strong and represents the brand very well. Moreover, the Lakers have done a great job of giving a consistent presence across so many digital platforms.

In order to set the Lakers further apart, the Lakers should consider interacting with the audience more in conversations as sometimes the Lakers social media accounts are blamed that they are not so “down-to-earth.” As social media platforms can directly influence the consumer-brand relationship, it is essential for the Lakers to realize the importance of interacting with audiences on the social media platforms.


Slide 5:

While the Lakers’ website is developed to build brand awareness, the usability of the Lakers website may vary since the website doesn’t fit into different browsers. As you can see in the picture, the menu is obviously not shown in the correct way. This kind of issue would be the thing the Lakers have to work on.

Also, as the website is search-optimized, the Lakers should use the benchmarking strategy while they measure the SEO performance. Out of the 30 teams in the NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers, which provide about 22,800 results within 0.2 seconds on Google Site Search, are the best performer of the site search.

When the Lakers are seeking to do better improvement on search engines, they should compare themselves to the best performer, and keep on working how to customize their content to fit the site search engine even though they succeeded in setting up keywords.


Slide 6:

For online advertising, as the audience of the Lakers is more tech-savvy, the Lakers might consider the Cost-Per-Click model to drive traffic to the official website, and make sure they have the control of the budget for the search engine marketing.

As there is high relevancy of the content, spending $1 or $2 per click is more than enough.

Also, in order to determine if the online advertising is successful, the Lakers should be focusing on how the online ads can improve the engagement performances and adjust their strategy based on the actual outcome.


Slide 7:

While making the content offers, the Lakers should take their audience diverse background into consideration.

For Inbound and Content Marketing, it is not just a piece of content or information; it is about how to build an audience and attract subscribers who opt-in to allow the marketers into their already overly-crowded email box.

That being said, the Lakers should specifically target on different detail group, such as ethnic groups, in order to maximize the effect of Inbound and Content Marketing. For the follow-ups, the Lakers can show the results of Inbound Marketing efforts by monitoring and analyzing the interactions on the blogs’ or emails’ Call-To-Action rate.


Slide 8:

As the Lakers are trying to be the technology giant in the Sports Entertainment Business, they now have to focus on how to use mobile to further engage with their loyal fans. After the Lakers have launched the mobile-friendly website and application, they now should dig deep to develop the big data database to analyze the audience’ behaviors and preferences.

At the same time, the Lakers should continue to work on mobile-friendly website and application to deliver the best experience to the target audience.


Slide 9:

In 2017, the Lakers’ team valuation has reached 3 billion dollars, and the marketing valuation is around 1.7 billion dollars.

There are over 34 million followers on all social media accounts the Lakers have, and the number is still growing. However, how the Lakers build up a strong relationship and increase the loyalty of the fans in the post-Kobe Bryant era become the no.1 thing the Lakers digital team to work on at this point.


Slide 10:

Digital Marketing is an ongoing process, in order to keep up with the ever-change technology, the Lakers should always keep a rule of thumb in mind– “The Best Is Yet to Come.”