General Motors is Extraordinary Motors

Leia  Stephan 

General Motors is Extraordinary Motors


General Motors talks very highly about itself. It makes remarks like “Mobility solutions for the next generation of transportation” or “Partnerships to move humanity forward”. It makes pretty straight forward remarks, and like any brand, they talk themselves up a lot. They also have many brands of cars, within General Motors as a whole. On the website, you can look at all the investors of GM, directly look up a car that interest you and there is also a tab that talks about the company and other things in it, for example, the leadership aspect, the overview, the history, the sustainability and much more. I cannot seem to find an email list to get on as of now for GM, but I’m going to continue to look and see what I can find. With the website, the key messages that GM is trying to get out seems very easy to read and understand. The audiences that GM is trying to reach out to is really anyone who is looking for a new car/drives a car. From their website though, with talking about a new generation of transportation, it could easily be targeting anyone who likes to be up to date with the newest and best things, and wants a car to rely on. The audience seems to be young people looking for a new car, but also all ages looking for new cars, especially with their wide variety of different types of brand vehicles. Across the different media platforms, GM seems to post lots of pictures of their cars and then from there they say one or a few good things about it, and then post a link in their bio that will take them to the GM website to then be able to read more of on there.