Victoria Secret Inbound Marketing Strategy

Victoria Secret Inbound Marketing Strategy

As we move toward a more technologically advanced society, the marketing industry has to make nifty adjustments. Business franchises are enduring the challenges of utilizing Inbound marketing ,creating content via Internet channels, to entice consumers and increase brand awareness. Effective Inbound marketing strategies, according to our readings, convert strangers into customers and promoters of your business (Hubspot). This is achieved by four phases: attract, convert, close and delight. Victoria Secret attracts visitors through their social media channels and popular special events. These visitors are then directed to the website where they are led to a landing page. On this page viewers are confronted with visually appealing content and a newsletter with a call-to-action link that requires newcomers to enter their email to recieve discounts and alerts on future sales.

This turns a visitor into a lead, moving from the converting stage to close. During this stage, Victoria Secret sends out emails to keep the leads informed about sales and events. Victoria Secret also reminds them when they leave items in their cart stating, "We miss you, come back and get free shipping...". This converts those leads into customers, hence beginning the delight stage. In this final stage Victoria Secret maitains positive relationships with customers through emails, customer satisfaction surveys, great customer service. In addition, customers are encouraged to provide feedback on their items, which in turn helps build other customers trust. 

After closely examining Victoria Secrets Inbound Marketing strategy I was able to contruct my own ideas on how they could improve their Inbound and Content marketing strategy.  

Audience Personas

Audience personas help marketers decide how to target specific audiences with relevent content. Through extensive Research I have created a typical Victoria Secret consumer that can be used to create content. Jessica represents the young adult to adult populace with a desire for sensual fashion. This audience is targeted by the brand ambassadors, sexy lingerie and the fragrances that Victoria Secret offers. Brianna represents the younger demographic that is targeted by the flirty yet age approrpiate apparel. 

Content Offers

To attract consumers like Brianna, Victoria Secret could create content that reaches out to a younger, fun demographic. The younger generation are increasingly active on social media and enjoy trends and challenges. To entice this demographic Victoria Secret should create a natural beauty challenge"  to promote natural beauty and generate buzz. In order for this challenge to recieve the amount fo support neccessary the Angels should start it off and use their social media platforms to spread it. The younger demographic would enjoy this challenge and in turn promote Victoria Secret. 

To attract consumers like Jessica, Victoria Secret could post a topic on a blog called "Want to bring your sexy back? Here's what you need to know". This reaches out to the older demographic seeking sensual fashion to feel and look sexy. As women get older, insecurities seem to arise. Sexiness is a state of mind. What better way to encourage women to get their sexy back by a blog post that would in turn recieve a lot of feedback from other women. This lets women know that they are not alone and leaves room for women empowerment and a greater appreciation for Victoria Secret.   

 Blog Posts

Victoria Secret has millions of likes and followers on all of their social media channels. Each of these channels generate buzz and promote brand awareness with its appealing products, blogs and fashion shows. The blogs and fashion shows entice consumers by the visual aesthetics that create informative content and keep followers engaged on new trends. In addition, in the readings I have learned that blogs are an important aspect in attracting strangers to a franchise. To successfully attract strangers, Victoria Secret should focus more on educating viewers on generating discussion on their blogs rather than presenting visually appealing photographs and backtage access to the Angels lives.

Victoria Secret should give viewers a more personal experience with topics like:

"Tips on finding the perfect bra for you"

This reaches out to both demographics seeking a comfortable bra that is both flattering and perfectly fitting. Many women have dealt with the burden of a bra that was too tight, uncomfortable, granny-ish, or bra's with too much padding. A discussion about the perfect bra would attract women of all ages and backgrounds. 

"Beauty Hacks"

Beauty hacks are a neccessity in a womens life. This is one of the best ways to generate discussion and attract viewers. Everyone loves a fast and inexpensive shortcut to looking like the women in the magazine we idolize. This targets both demographics because everyone loves saving money and DIYS. 

Email Marketing

 Victoria Secret regularly emails consumers updates on upcoming sales, free shipping, promotional events and exclusive offers. On the emails Victoria Secret generally puts the sale in the subject line and highlight it to show a sense of urgency like "TONIGHT ONLY!" or "Last call!". The emails use visually appealing pictures to demonstrate the sale and provides direct links to the website through call-to-action tabs. 

The email is mobile friendly, as well as the wesbite, so consumers have access through various technoclogical devices. Apart from this Victoria Secret does a great job in personalizing the emails by mentioning that they miss the customer and reminding them that there are items left in their cart. 

Victoria Secret sends emails almost daily. This should be singificanly decreased because there needs to be a balance between sending enough emails to keep consumers informed but not too much to where they unsubscribe. Victoria Secret should limit the promotional emails sent a week and send out more eductional emails to provide more insight to the franchise.

Emails should be tailored to reach a certain demographic. To do this, Victoria Secret should have an age option on the newletter to target specific audiences. The younger populace should be sent back to school sales and other age appropriate discounts on apparrel. The older generation should recieve sales regarding discounts on lingerie and other promotional sales. 

Metrics & Reporting

These Inbound marketing adjustments would help Victoria Secret remain ahead in this fashion industry. This approach would create more positive and all-inclusive relationships and lead to long term customers. To measure the effectiveness of these inbound marketing adjustments I would measure the following:

1. Track the amount of returning customers to see if the inbound marketing strategies increase the return rate.

2. Monitor the traffic to Victorias Secret website from blogs and emails. This would prove if decreasing the email spam would increase the amount of visitors to the website. It would also prove if the more personalized blog posts increases sales. 

3. Monitor the amount of sales from varying demographics after more personalized emails are constructed.