Why Is Red Bull a Social Media Genius?

Social media marketing is defined as the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service, and Red Bull has become a master at spreading their mindset that “Red Bull gives you wings.” Through videos, pictures, interviews, etc. demonstrating extreme sports events, athletes, amazing locations and far-fetched tricks they spread their mantra across all social media platforms, repeatedly and on a daily basis. They promote experiencing the ultimate sports lifestyle, one that every sports fanatic dreams about. They continue to intrigue and captivate their target audience of 18-35-year-olds, who cannot get enough of their posts, tweets, videos, pictures, etc. Red Bull has certainly taken note of the essential, “Don’t be afraid to use visual content.” https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244677



In 2016, Red Bull was the most shared social video brand based on the number of shares (in millions) https://www.statista.comand they have continued to steamroll across most social media platforms. Their visual presence is everywhere, and their popularity remains on an upward trend. They once again skillfully use one of the essentials, “every single piece of content you share should support your brand image.” https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244677


Red Bull has strategically placed their lifestyle branding on Facebook increasing their following to over 45 million fans in the spring of 2018, according to https://www.statista.comIt is estimated that Facebook has over one billion users, so it is assured that with its flashy videos like ‘Red Bull is with Brian Grubb, Lockport, NY Shredding a Lockport? https://www.facebook.com/RedBull/videos/10161250515195352 Why not …. ‘ their branding will continue to successfully fuel the fascination people have with the extreme lifestyle they promote. There is no doubt Red Bull is reaching their intended audience on Facebook and Dream Grow remarkedthat "Red Bull has an awesome Facebook landing page. What makes their page even better is the fact that they never talk about their products. There are only sports videos  to enforce their brand values.” https://www.dreamgrow.com/26-great-facebook-landing-page-examples/


Red Bull has also triumphantly “harnessed the hashtag” https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/content-social-media-popularity on other social media platforms as well. They are sharing their “wings” persona with their target audience via Twitter @redbull with over 2M followers as well as YouTube with over 7M subscribers, where it is considered a top brand.  On Instagram, @redbull has over 9M followers and viewers seem to love Red Bull. Rachel Gillet comments, ”those brands that have embraced Instagram have seen just how much the platform’s evolved form of window-shopping can boost their brand engagement.” 


That mindset has undoubtedly been a positive one for Red Bull.


Nothing is ever perfect, and that is also true in the world of Red Bull. Their presence on Pinterest and Google + are not quite as popular as they would like. However, on a much larger scale,is the lawsuit brought against them claiming they were misleading consumers with the slogan " Red Bull gives you wings." When in fact it does not actually do so. While many companies would gladly switch places with Red Bull, there is always room for improvement, and a good suggestion might be to move toward changing their mantra to "Red Bull makes you feel like you have wings."