Integrating and Promoting Blogs

In promoting my blog, I started by creating a Facebook page and a Google+ page for my blog, using the same title as my blog. I then linked the pages to my blog, and filled out their profiles a bit. For a profile picture, I searched through my blog and found an amusing one of a pickle I had ordered from Jimmy John’s that had a face drawn on. My next goal was to make my Facebook auto-populate with my blog posts. I searched around, and tried, but I was unable to make the site log into my Facebook account. I settled on and was successful in making everything automated. Google+ proved more annoying, as the site does not current have an application platform and there is no way to bring in RSS feeds or have applications automatically post. While manual posting can be annoying, I decided that it would be best to link all posts to my blog with shortened descriptions than to simply post a copy of everything onto my Google+ page. My blog is already set up to submit posts to my Twitter account on a selective basis. Overall, I again found Google+ difficult to work with, but that is most likely due to it being in its infancy.

Jimmy John's Smilie Pickle

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