Social Marketing Strategy: The McKinney Foundation


The McKinney Foundation

Digital Media Marketing Stratey Recommendation


December 2011

Presented by Rachele Petty




Consumers crave content.  Upon successful implementation of the following digital media marketing strategy, The McKinney Foundation will become a trusted source of content for consumers to consistently revisit. Social networks and blogs reach over three-quarters of active internet users.  Specifically, African Americans are represented more on Twitter than any other major social network.  This offers a great opportunity for The Foundation to reach a large portion of the Metro Detroit population, and together, these opportunities represent a large, untapped consumer group for The McKinney Foundation to reach out to.

Currently, The McKinney Foundation has a weak online presence.  The following digital media marketing strategy will give The McKinney Foundation a strong, credible presence in social media.  It will give the Metro Detroit population a trusted resource for health-related information, and drive traffic to the website, increasing community awareness and event participation.  Overall, the strategy will increase fundraising and donation opportunities through community engagement.


The following is a list of goals that are attainable upon successful implementation of the proposed digital media marketing strategy:

        · To increase public awareness of The McKinney Foundation and its mission among the Detroit and surrounding communities. 

        · To increase community participation, volunteerism, and engagement during events.

        · To network in order to build, maintain, and deepen relationships among other nonprofits, sponsors, and potential sponsors to drive donations.

        · To stay on the forefront of providing Metro Detroit with resources to sustain healthy lifestyles, promote entrepreneurship.

        · Crowdsourcing ideas, feedback, and content for improvement and development of programs and services.



The website is well designed and aesthetically pleasing.  The colors are complimentary of a clean, healthy, calming environment.  The welcoming message is short enough to keep interest, but clearly states the primary goals of The Foundation.  The website provides great basic information about The Foundation.  It fails, however, to give the consumer a course of action.  The consumer needs to be guided through the buying process on the website.  For the McKinney Foundation, the buying process can be sponsorship, donations, volunteerism, event attendance, or the download or request for information.  The website needs to evolve from being information based to action based.  We want our visitors to take action!



        ·  Needs to be updated constantly

              - Upcoming events

              - Success of events (pictures, fun facts, testimonials, attendees)

              - Ways to get involved/ volunteer

              - Calendar of events (including those that are not ours)

        · Create additional top-page links

              - Links to Facebook, Linkedin, Blog, and Twitter should be at the top of the site, on every page.

              - Attach blog

              - Get involved

        · Engagement  - create a way for visitors to become interactive with the site

              - What are you doing to be healthier?

                    · Pack my lunch

                    · Walk on lunch break

                    · Park further away

        · Offer personal tracking forms

              - printable or online

                    · exercise

                    · eating habits



          For raw, statistical evidence of a successful strategy, the website should have an administrative page that tracks unique page visits by day, week, or month, as well as geographic location of IP address used to access the page, length of time spent on each page, and path of the IP address.  Increased traffic on social media networks, as well as increased participation and volunteerism at events, new sponsorship opportunities, information requests, and increased fundraising will also assist in measuring the success of the implemented recommendations.




The blog is not currently being updated on a regular basis so that it can be used to interact with and engage the citizens of Metro Detroit.  A link to the blog is missing on the website, which will ultimately drive website traffic.  The blog needs to be available to deliver free content to consumers looking for the services that The McKinney Foundation offers. 



        · Immediately begin to blog.    

            - Continue to consistently build content  

            - Once a month – simple & healthy recipe from guest celebrity chef 

            - Activities / resources in Metro Detroit 

            - Ask sponsors from previous events to write a celebrity post 

        · Create new post once a week 

        · New blog posts will be communicated to the online community via Twitter/ FB/ Linkedin and able to be viewed on the website as well. 

        · Research (ongoing) and participate in healthcare blogs with topics in the metro Detroit area. 



Creating blog content will be the foundation of building a reputation as a source of reliable online information.  Optimized blog content will drive traffic to The Foundation website and social media networks, resulting in an increased community awareness and engagement.

A successful blog will result in increased traffic to the website and social media networks.  It will also generate questions from citizens, which will be seen in responses to blog posts.  The blog will be monitored to ensure sufficient and increasing activity.  Technorati will be used to monitor related blogs and blog content.




            Facebook is the single largest and most visited social media network, demanding more than 53 billion minutes of time U.S. internet users spend online.  It is imperative that The Foundation takes advantage of the resources that Facebook offers; The McKinney Foundation is currently using it more than any other social media network, which is a great start.  Facebook is the network that The Foundation uses to reach out to consumers for event volunteers and participation, as well as feedback.   However, there seems to be scarce community participation and engagement happening through the network.  For the month of 9/21-10/20, the number of active users is 38, which is down 30% to the previous month.  There are currently 151 Facebook “Likes” for The Foundation, and The Foundation has just two “Likes” of our own.  Also important to note, the 2nd Annual Celebrating A Healthier Detroit event has recorded just four attendees. 



        · Regular updates (once a day)

              - Suggest sites

              - Share resources

              - Share Metro Detroit events

        · Look into the utilizing the Facebook Causes Birthday application

              - Allows Facebook users to ask their friends and family to donate to a certain non profit rather than purchasing gifts.

        · “Like” other sites, articles, non profits, etc.

              - Healthy Detroit magazine on FB (local, editorial, self-help tips)

        · Use Facebook to announce new blog posts



            Successful implementation of these recommendations will result in an increased activity on The Foundation’s Facebook page.   The goal is to increase Facebook interactions.  Utilizing Facebook’s Page Insights tool, The Foundation will monitor unique statistics such as total tab views, external referrers, gender and age of visitors, number of unique daily page views, as well as the number of daily, weekly, and monthly active users.  Each of these, along with a steady growth in the number of “Likes” and an increase in the amount of interaction on the page will measure success.




            The Mckinney Foundation is currently following 11, and being followed by 2 on Twitter.  This offers a large area for improvement.  The more people/ companies that we follow, the more who will follow us!  There are many activities that can be implemented to create a buzz about The Foundation using Twitter.



        · Once a day tweets

              - We challenge you…

                    · Walk a mile outside today (w/ a friend)

                    · Try a new recipe (when blog update is recipe)

                    · Take the stairs

                    · Don’t park so close

        · Ask for interaction, replies

              - What is a goal that you have set for yourself?

              - When was the last time you were proud of yourself?

        · Use #Detroit and #McKinneyFoundation

              - When announcing events/ talking about events

              - For some of the challenges

        · Announce a new blog post



          Twitter provides many unique ways to measure success.  Within the Twitter profile, The Foundation is alerted when a post is re-tweeted, replied to, or when @TMF210org is mentioned by another Twitter user.   Twitter also utilizes the #hashtag, which is used to measure the buzz that is surrounding the particular event or organization.  The #hashtag can be searched, saved, and monitored to measure buzz.  The goal is to follow more users, gain a much larger follower base, and become re-tweeted, replied to, and mentioned.  With all of these, we will have created a buzz.   Successful implementation of the following recommendations will first increase traffic on other social networks and the website, as well as community engagement and event participation.



Linkedin provides a professional networking opportunity.  Through Linkedin, The McKinney Foundation can connect with professionals who may have decision making authority within their company.  Linkedin will give the Foundation an opportunity to connect on a professional level with current corporate sponsors, and network to build additional corporate sponsors.



            The McKinney Foundation is currently inactive on Linkedin.  The profile is built out to 40% completeness, with no connections.  There is a strong need to become an active member of this networking site.



        · Build profile to minimum 80% completeness

        · Search for and build a strong network of connections

              - Current and past sponsors

              - Non profits with complimenting missions

        · Interact with connections

        · Announce new blog posts

        · Announce events

        · Recommend sponsors (This will most likely result in the sponsor recommending The Foundation in return)



          Success of implementation will be measured in several ways.  The first and most important goal is to build the profile as much as possible.  With an optimized profile, The McKinney Foundation will begin to show up in search results.  Searches may be performed by individuals looking for the services that The Foundation offers or an opportunity to volunteer.  Searches may also be performed by decision makers who are looking for an organization or event to sponsor and donate to.  Linkedin provides statistics that show how many searches that the profile has turned up in, and who has viewed the profile within the past 30 days.  An increase in each of these numbers, as well as a growth in the number of connections will reveal success.




            The McKinney Foundation does not currently have a presence on YouTube.  YouTube provides The McKinney Foundation with an opportunity to introduce themselves to potential sponsors, and put a face to The Foundation. 



        · Create a YouTube channel

        · Complete the highlight video from the 2010 2nd Annual “Celebrating a Healthier Detroit” Expo- place on website and YouTube.

        · Hire videographer/ request as volunteer to film the Healthy Cooking series (projected to begin in December)

              - Place on YouTube, link back to website

        · Continue to keep public aware of YouTube channel and new video through other social media outlets.



            The channel will be new, and will depend on previously established social media outlets to drive traffic.  Upon successful keyword optimization, the YouTube channel will earn an increased number of views, and begin to drive traffic to The McKinney Foundation website and other social media outlets.  The posting of the video on YouTube will be announced at the Healthy Cooking Seminar, and attendees will be encouraged to view for step by step instructions of new recopies, as well as special hints that may not have been offered at the live event.  The creation of the channel will also be used as a strong tool when presenting the product placement sponsorship plans to local business owners.



Creating a common theme among social media networks will create a positive recognition and trust of The McKinney Foundation brand.  To ensure that this is done effectively, each profile will be analyzed to ensure that company information and content remains consistent, and that it is optimized to best benefit The Foundation. The networks will be used to connect with each other and the website in order to maximize on driving site visitors through the buying process.  We need to convert visitors into buyers and ambassadors of the brand, The McKinney Foundation, and our mission.

The adoption of social media into a non profit’s digital media marketing strategy is growing, and The McKinney Foundation needs to be on the forefront.  While Facebook remains the top social media network choice among non profits, the use of Twitter is steadily growing by 38% year-over-year, getting to 60% non profit presence in 2010. Specifically, the African American demographic is more represented on Twitter than on any other major social media network.   YouTube and Linkedin are each in 3rd and 4th place among social media currently being utilized by the nonprofit sector.  The proposed digital media marketing strategy will give The McKinney Foundation a strong, credible presence in social media.  It will give the Metro Detroit population a trusted resource for health-related information, and drive traffic to the website, increasing community awareness and event participation.  The Foundation will see an increase in fundraising and donation opportunities through community engagement. 

The McKinney Foundation is nearing it's 2nd year as a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.  Our focus needs to be on establishing, building, and maintaining relationships with sponsors and individual donors to create a reliable source of incoming funds.  Once this is accomplished, for future digital media tactics, it is reccomended that The McKinney Foundation begin to utilize Google's products, such as adwords and analytics.  At the current time, however, it is neccessary to keep costs down, and utilize those free resources available.

I challenge each of us to increase our own social network usage.  “Like”, interact, and recommend the Facebook page to your networks.  Mention the new blog posts and events to your professional contacts on Linkedin.  Re-tweet and reply on Twitter, using the corresponding #hashtag.  Comment on the blog posts.  We are each an ambassador for The McKinney Foundation, and have an opportunity to play a large role in getting the word out! 

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