Identifying with your consumer, effectively influencing.

It’s pretty difficult to summarize what I just absorbed from reading those near 180 pages, but each chapter touched on a few critical points. My overall understanding led me to think solely of the necessity to know your consumer, have your consumer trust your organization and most importantly, how to influence them.

What is touched on in chapter 11 is the hinting of buyer personas and how you can identify with your consumer. It helped me reflect upon my current blog and understand that the best way to reach my target audience is to identify with the trending subjects my peers find interesting. This incorporated with a blog on trending topics, health, fitness, and entertainment has helped me successfully get out the word of my blog. Although my grandparents may not find it so stimulating, I know It is effectively reaching the college persona audience.

What makes an organization a trusted resource is the aspect of being official. Weather it be a document, certification, website, or anything else of that manner, your organization can be branded as a trusted resource as you push your expertise at your customers.

And finally, Influencing your buyers once again touches on the buyer personas, creating a need for content, services, or products can be targeted through so many mediums. Whether it be social networking, social media, mobile devices, or in store, the connectivity to your buyer persona is critical in the buyer purchasing decision.  This book contributed greatly to the success of my blog.


The different components of buyer personas.