Pull it all together: Know your buyers and create content for them

Search engine optimizationIn the final section of The New Rules of Marketing and PR—and throughout the rest of the book—David Meerman Scott reminds marketers that knowing their buyers and creating content specifically for them is crucial in today’s age of digital marketing and PR. Whether it’s maintaining a blog or writing press releases, marketers benefit by targeting their specific buyers, not simply the masses.

One thing that spoke to me was when Scott wrote that marketers should speak in the language their buyers use. This will help with search engine optimization (optimizing for keywords they know their consumers will search for) and building a positive online relationship with a target audience. Knowing who buyers are ties into this: by having a detailed consumer profile, marketers will be able to create better content for that audience and be labeled as a resource, not just a faceless company trying to get a buyer to purchase their product.

The internet is shaping marketing and PR practices and allowing companies to reach their consumers directly. They’re able to create valuable content that will help solve consumer problems and be seen as resources targeting a consumer’s needs, not just a consumer’s wallet. When marketers and PR professionals know the audiences they’re trying to reach and tailor their information to those individual customers, they can create more effective marketing strategies than ever before.

[Image: SEO Reseller]