Bonkers about Blogs!


So! I am so super excited about my blog, “Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Mommy!” ! If you haven’t already noticed, I have previously been enrolled in this class. The last time I made a blog, it was about my upcoming experiences as a pregnant expecting mother. Well, during that time, I became extremely ill and had to take a break from school and everything else in my life to make sure I was able to get my baby here safely. Fortunately, that was a success. Enough, enough, read about the rest on my blog! Lol.

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I feel like this blog site will be more of a success because:


1.) I have a desire to keep it up.

 While I created it for this class, my daughter and my experiences as a mother are things I am passionate about.

2.) It should be quite easy for me to find my voice.

 When blogging about my daughter and my mommyhood, its easy for me to be myself, I find myself just “kicking it” as if I were talking to a fellow mother like my sister for example and I think a lot of people will be interested in that.


 I love being a mom and I love sharing stories and swapping advice as well as horror stories with other mothers, and I believe this will be the perfect avenue to continue to do so even on a larger scale. Moms need a place to vent and to find out that what they are going through doesn’t mean they are crazy, just means they are part of a large group of women going through similar situations. I plan to provide that, as well as benefit from it.



Blogging will help and sharpen my writing skills for my professional career, and who knows, “Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Mommy,” might land me a job advertising for Johnson & Johnson, or some other mother-child targeted brand!



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