Final Exam Answers


Part 1.

Category: Internet Marketing (PPC)

Title: Google AdWords Vs. Facebook Ads


Summary: This article gives us a clear glance at these two popular internet advertising revenus. It compares Google Adwords and Facebook Ads unde the items of ad reach, cost, usability, and results. It helps making Internet marketing decisions when it comes to these two ad forms.

Tags: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Camparison


Category: Public Relations

Title: PR newbies: 8 uncommon tips for job interviews


Summary: It could be the most practical and useful one for us that are going into PR career. We could even tell what kind of personalities and characteristics would be appreciated by PR positions from this article.

Tags: PR, Tips, Job Interview


Category: Search Engine Optimization

Title: The 6 Goals of SEO: Choosing the Right Ones for Your Business


Summary: Any strategies start from setting right goals and objectives. Instead of blindly making strategies with SEO, this article lists what and how SEO can help achieve with your goals. With different goals of your marketing strategies, we start out about SEO accordingly.

Tags: SEO, Goals, Business, Strategies


Category: Google AdWords

Title: HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Google AdWords


Summary: As the subject says, this article is giving us instructions on how to get the most out of Google AdWords. SEO has been one of the most parts on an Internet marketing campaign. Google AdWords is taking advantage of Google as the biggest Search Engine in the world and doing business on the top of SEO. This article goes with a whole campaign: where to begin, what is the key (SEO), how to make the “optimization”, then eventually how to close the deal. It’s useful for beginners, as well as any other Google AdWords marketers.

Tags: Google AdWords, Strategies, Tips, How To


Category: Social Media

Title: How to Commit Social Media Suiside


Summary: We don’t need to emphasize on how important social media are to most marketers as known to all. Using social media as part of a marketing strategy has been widely adopted; however, how to use them effciently and effecately has been what is more important. Being creative, this article tells how to fail a social media campaign. Oppositely, it tells us what to be careful about if you want to achieve a sucessful one. I found it useful on how detailed and practicle it is. I also found out I did commit some of the “suiside” as I was reading the article. Alert!

Tags: Social Media, Tips, Mistakes, Strategies


Part 2.

P41 5 Great Tips for Dealing with Complaints on Social Media


The thing is, always taking complaints on social media seriously. Since social media are so connected, even just one piece of complaint could go viral and become a crisis, if it’s not handled properly. The famous case “United Breaks Guitar” is such a great example.


P92 When Are Facebook Users Most Active?


Good to know those numbers. It helps when making social media strategy. An update calendar is important for the efficiency and efficacy of a social media campaign. The timing of the messages posted matters, as well as the content and the right target accordingly.


P128 7 Quick Steps to Foursquare Marketing


Using Foursquare for marketing get higher ROI. Location-based marketing is more direct, and a lot of the time, the information can be used right away. It’s helpful for small businesses that want to advertise locally. As Foursquare advertises: Keep up with friends; Discover what's nearby; Save money & unlock rewards.


P177 How to Handle a PR Crisis


On social media, good news spread fast, but bad news, sometimes faster. So managing the timing of news and controlling the spread plays important roles. What’s more important, instead of handling a crisis when it’s happening, keeping it from happening comes the first.


P246 10 Tips for Advertisers to Go Viral on YouTube


Compelling content has been considered the key for your video going viral. A successful video campaign on YouTube consists of attractive content as well as a creative form of the video advertising that could engage consumers to help it go viral.