Google Adwords Campaign for Quality Dairy

Quality Dairy


Quality Dairy is a chain of convenience stores in Mid-Michigan that specialize in selling products made within the state. With headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, Quality Dairy currently oversees 31 stores — all but two locations have beer and wine and 15 of the locations have liquor. Eight locations have gasoline and six locations have Laundromats.

Quality Dairy has a decent website with the right color, front and content. It has focused on building social media community by creating its own twitter and facebook pages. Quality Dairy now has 18,388 likes for facebook page and 1,367 people talking about it. It seems acceptable for local business. However, when looking at the population of Mid-Michigan--464,036--Quality Dairy only got 3.9% of the whole population's attention. There was still a great market for online advertising.

QD facebook page

Why Google AdWords?  

The key benefits of Google AdWords marketing are reach, relevance and ROI. One of the basic benefits of search engine marketing with Google AdWords is that Quality Dairy could display ad in front of target customer really quickly and easily and can track every aspect of Google AdWords marketing campaign, from the number of ad displays to the number of clicks and conversions.


Group 1: Local Dairy

Group 2: Fresh Dairy

This keywords group really focuses on customers who interested in finding convenience local diary products.

This keywords group is aiming at people who are looking for cheap, convenient grocery product

Key Words

Quality Dairy

Mid Michigan



Grocery Store


Key Words

Quality Dairy

Cheap Food

Low Price

Near-by Grocery


Sample Ad Copy

Group 1

Group 2

Quality Dairy in Lansing, MI

Fresh local milk and bread every day!

Join QD Membership Reward Now!

Low Price Quality Dairy

Lansing’ neighborhood cheap grocery store 

Roller Grill only .89 everyday! 


Location Targeting Method

Target using physical location: Only reach people in Michigan when they search for keywords

Because Quality Dairy only has stores in michigan area, so we should focus on local customer. Even customer outside of Michigan search for Michigan dairy, they could not get QD product in other states. So there is no need to waste money trying to promote  QD outside of Michigan.


Effectiveness Measurement

1.     Setting up Google Adwords Conversation Tracking.

2.     Tracking Status in a daily basis