New Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

            Social media is literally everywhere.  I grew up with a Facebook profile, but I never took full advantage of what social networking had to offer me.  Attending the first seminar caused me to open my eyes; I realized how important it is to have a social media footprint on the web.

            After creating multiple online profiles, I found one thing that these social networking sites seemed to have in common—all were user friendly. Social media is constantly changing and evolving. I learned than in order to succeed in efficiently “branding yourself” you need to be able to evolve with it. That is exactly what this course has helped me do this week by urging us to make multiple social networking profiles.

            I made My Twitter handle in 2008, but I never expanded on my profile. This week I posted my first tweet ever! I am excited to finally learn how to utilize my Twitter account. LinkedIn was another social media site that I have heard about but never used before this course. Next, I created a Google+ profile. I found that I don’t know many people who use Google+ but I am anxious to add more people to my circles.  Then I built a YouTube channel and uploaded some videos.  Last but not least, I designed a Pinterest Profile.  After I finished making all these profiles I “googled” my own name. I was able to see first hand how social networking is a great way to promote yourself.

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