SEO for My Tumblr Blog

First, I double checked my settings to make sure that I have used SEO friendly URLs and Search Engine Visibility function on my Tumblr blog below.

Second, I chose five keywords to define my blog’s personality and then modified the title with keywords. The basic rule of choosing keywords is to make high search volume, high correlation and low competition in Google search. 


World Hot Topics

Worldwide Popular Figures

Journalists and PR attention

Media Strategy Management

Social Media Viral Marketing

Title: Hot Topics Grabbing Attention—Something to Remember from Wei

Also, I combined keywords in my blog description, which gives search engine a focused idea what the page is all about. (keywords are highlighted by red color line) 

Third, every time when creating a post, I set a custom URLs for the title of post, and use as many relevant tags as I can to cover keywords. (picture below with red color circle)

Last, I still unilized blogroll to follow fresh and interesting topics from other bloggers and intended to make friends with them, such as The Daily, Future Journalism Project, and On Being Blog. What’s more, following my keywords, I built two external links-Viral Marketing Blog and Media Strategy Blog- by using Redirect function on Tumblr. It will lead people to specified websites I like most.

Below is my Google Analytics report.