My Google Tools


I had a lot of fun working with some of the tools Google has to offer.  I was overwhelmed actually, but I found some tools really useful and some not so much.


I think my favorite tool was the blog search tool.  This tool turns Google into a search engine strictly for finding blogs through keywords you type in.  Since the blog I created is all about the field of public relations.  Immediately I found a blog post titles “PR, the Career I Can’t Explain.”  I noticed similarities between my blog posts and this one. I really like how easy this tool can connect people through blogs so easily and efficiently.



Of course I love my Google calendar because I find it way more organized than writing down my schedule.  I liked using Google Insights For Search.  I like that it gives you narrow yet various sources that seem more credible than a regular Google search.  Just to try it out I typed in the company “Betsy Johnson” and many articles, including the website popped up.  Also, another thing I thought was cool was that a map of the world popped up and it showed where the company was most popular and less popular.



Some Google tools I wouldn’t use would probably be SketchUp and Translate.  I wouldn’t use SketchUp because I got the sense that it was more of a program for architect and engineering students/professionals.  I also have adobe software on my computer so if I wanted to design something I would rather use that software that I am more comfortable with. I wouldn’t use translate for sentences or longer.  I have talked with people who speak the languages and they said it isn’t accurate.  However, I do feel like it could come in handy when trying to translate single words.


I really appreciate that Google offers all of these great tools, most of which are for free.  I think Google is so top of mind because they come up with the most organized and innovative ways to make our lives simpler.  I can’t wait  to se what they come up with in the future.