Foursquare Ad-Share: Advertising and social sharing with a fun twist!

Free database information and advertising?! What business wouldn’t want that?! An honest opinion on an unfamiliar business, in your hands at a moments notice?! What traveler couldn’t use that? What I’ve learned from this week’s resources are that social media tool Foursquare is much more than a traveller’s game. It is a very great up and coming service that allows for a current 250,000 businesses(R6-6 p.128) to get information on their most frequent visitors and also a way for their customer’s to share their experience with the company to the world! (Ok, maybe not the world yet, but the Foursquare-verse) Below I’ll run down just a few of the benefits offered by Foursquare that I’ve compiled from my favorite resource this week—all the reason that any tech-user and EVERY marketer should join!


Customer Benefits:

  • Word-of-mouth tips from the people in your immediate network (Afterall, WOM is usually the strongest form of opinion shaping.)
  • “To-do” ideas from people visiting a place you may have never visited
  • “Mayor” and other user specials! (R 6-4 p. 127) (Who couldn’t use a discount these days?!)  
  • Bragging rights to real and online friends! (What better way to rub in your trip to Time Square to see the ball drop at New Years?!)
  • Popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and entertainments with tips from people you know and trust! (How many times do we travel and end up going to the janky burger joint down the block simply because it’s the closest place to our hotel?!?)

Business Benefits(R 6-2 p.126):

  • Increased presence in real world and online.
  • Increased patronage/business.
  • Free qualitative database information. (No third party mumbo-jumbo, the information you get from Foursquare is like a database and focus group in one, FOR FREE!)
  • Free WOM advertising.