Social Media has obviously become a large-scale force in our marketing world today. Not only to people use social media for personal use, but businesses also use it to market their companies products, letting consumers know when new materials are available. In this assignment, I will be constructing a social media marketing strategy for my brand, Gatorade.

·         Audience: Gatorade will be reaching out to men and women, ages 12 and up, in all countries and territories. The demographics of the audience are crucial because we need to make sure that we tend to all languages, cultures, etc.  

·         Platforms: We will have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

·         Content: We will be using many different types of content that will be readily available through social media. Content will include product photos, links to our company’s website, and other websites that sell Gatorade, etc. We will also provide our audience with any breaking news/content that is relevant to new the company, new products, etc.

·         Budget: Because Gatorade owns about 80% of the sports drink market share, they have a pretty flexible budget. For a 12 month plan, we will spend about $100,000 a month, with equates to $1.2 million a year.

·         Posting Frequency: Because of our flexible budget, we will have the ability to post pretty frequently. Posts on Facebook will occur about once a day, (~30/month, ~365/year), and we also plan on tweeting around 2-3 times per day. YouTube postings will happen around 2-3 times a week.

·         Goals/Objectives: After viewing the actual Facebook and Twitter pages, I was able to come up with some goals for both (weekly goals):

o   Twitter: 50+ retweets and 50+ favorites per tweet, 100+ followers gained per day. Hashtags used in almost every tweet (ex: #WinFromWithin)- company's slogan

o   Facebook: 1,000 + page likes per day, 100+ likes/post, 100+ comments/post  

o   YouTube: (per video) 500+ views/week, 100+ likes/week

o   Response plan: Retweet people who have positive things to say about us on twitter. Won’t plan on responding to comments on Facebook, because for large companies like Gatorade, there are typically too many comments to keep up with.  

·         Tone: Upbeat, positive. Use of a lot of pictures, exclamation points (not too many) to let our audience know that we love what we do, and that we care about them. We don’t want to have a monotone, boring social media marketing launch because people want to be excited about our product(s)

·         Competition: I consider Gatorade’s top two competitors to be Powerade and Gatorade. First, I want to discuss Powerade’s Facebook page. They have substantially less likes (779, 782) than Gatorade’s page (~5 million), so obviously they aren’t doing something right. They tend to post pictures of their company at certain events, rather than providing consumers with photos of new products and promotions, so we will tend to stay away from doing that. Vitamin Water doesn’t have a Facebook page. Powerade also has about 84k less followers on Twitter than Gatorade does, and Vitamin Waters unofficial Twitter has about 96k less followers and 0 tweets. Powerade also has about 6,000 less tweets than Gatorade does. With this being said, we want to make sure that we tweet more than our competitors do, and also make our tweets relevant to consumers (new product information, breaking news, photos, etc.). This will make sure that we stay ahead of both Powerade and Vitamin Water in the social media marketing outlet.


Gatorade's Twitter