Does the Shoe Fit? Selecting the Most Efficient Keywords for TOMS Shoes' Google AdWords Campaign

TOMS logo

Company Background

TOMS has exploded over the past five years as a humanitarian focused corporation. As a leader in canvas and slip-on footwear in North America and developed countries, TOMS has found their niche amongst middle and upper-class young adults. With new designs available for as little as $53 every few weeks, TOMS shoes provides new products along with their "One for One" movement through which the organization provides a new pair of TOMS for an individual in need throughout the world as a result of each and every TOMS purchase. The organization's foundation in charity and environmentally friendly shoe and apparel production has provided them with a unique opportunity to reach out and make money.

Google Adwords Campaign Concepts

TOMS Shoes & Eyewear will benefit greatly from a Google Adwords campaign as the majority of their current market consists of middle to upper class young adults in developed countries with wide access to internet both via computer and mobile devices. Keyword selection is crucial as the company finds itself in the deep market of shoes and apparel. Keywords must be specific enough to draw in the current customer as well as wide enough to appear in the search results of potential customers.

Keyword Selection


TOMS shoes

canvas shoes

casual footwear

One for One

comfortable shoes

slip ons

TOMS clothes

TOMS sunglasses

These words were selected based on their competition found via the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, after reading through the information found on the company website, and after considering the advice found in this article on . I also tried to think of what words I used when looking for TOMS shoes myself and what I found on the website in the additional product offerings. TOMS is a large enough corporation that they can afford to corner a variety of keywords, but as always, I wanted to ensure that the keywords selected would also be efficient (get the most bang for your buck).