Toms shoes


Our Audience

Through our increased presence in social media we are seeking to continue to meet the needs of the 18 to 24 and 25 to 29 crowd. We have found our niche among the environmentally conscious demographic as well as those concerned about humanitarian efforts. As young adults have matured in the social media age, they are most familiar with these efforts, making them the easiest demographic for us to reach.

We would like to reach the parent demographic as they are often the source of funds for the 11 to 17 group, a group in which we would like to reach. While many have access to the Internet, there is a large chunk who do not, so the ability to reach their parents is important. Many parents can also relate to the needs of a child who cannot provide for themselves, and those who are struggling and have sacrificed to do so. They can be a powerful factor in our One for One movement .

Our products are also affordable for families and individuals on a middle-class budget demonstrating a loyalty to the average customer while also reaching upper income level customers with our variety of offerings and humanitarian and environmental efforts.

Social Media Content

Our current social media offerings fulfill much of what is necessary to reach our current and potential customers, but much of our content can be built upon in order to give a depth to our company.

Video: While we currently offer short videos on the "One for One" movement, video content with more of a "behind the scenes" feel would boost our ability to demonstrate the reach of our company. While legal restrictions must be taken into account, more features on the individuals who receive shoes, eyewear, and other medical help through our One for One movement would help create a stronger bond between our company and our customers. Behind the scenes features on our design team and the meaning and inspiration for a variety of TOMS designs in both shoewear and eyewear would also generate more of a connection between our customers and our organization.

Contest: We would have a design contest in which individuals could submit designs to be used for a limited edition shoe or sunglass through Facebook and promoted through Twitter and the website.

Through My Eyes: In connection with our One for One movement with eyewear, we will encourage users to take a photograph that best demonstrates the world or their life through their perspective. Users will send in their photos and those deemed most inspiring, heartfelt, able to evoke emotion etc, by our creative team will receive a pair of eyewear of their choice for both themselves and they can pick one to send to someone that is part of our One for One partnership in this country or abroad.


We would update Twitter at least 4 days a week, the blog at least once a week, and YouTube videos every other week. Frequent updates is important for our Google rankings and to our customers and future customers as the majority have Internet access and frequently rely on social media


We will continue to utilize Facebook, Twitter, our website, and our blog. We are adding foursquare as a means of communicating when on One for One trips so potential customers and customers can see their good deed benefitting those who need it most. We will further enhance our presence and monitoring thereof on Pinterest as a means of allowing people to share products that they like with others without our intervention. We will no longer require users to "like" our Facebook page in order to view our videos on any of our platforms. We know that often users are more likely to like our page after watching a video or feature and forcing users to "like" our content comes across as pushy advertising and a bit manipulative, not akin to our mission or social media presence elsewhere.


As we are very interested in our own content management and incorporating interns into the legitimate workings of our organization, we plan to outsource only moderately to a PR firm. We are estimating our costs at about $700/wk: 2,800/month: 33,600/yr. We also utilize television advertising which makes up a large chunk of our marketing costs. This budget allows for us to utilize our staff for content updates and maintenance of the website while allowing our PR firm to handle additionally creative content management, brainstorming, and a mastery of Twitter and Facebook marketing.

Measurements of Success

We will look at video views number for our vlog channel and website video content, contest entry numbers, blog hits and comments, "pins" of our products on Pinterest, retweets and follower increase rates, shares and fan increase rate on Facebook, and SEO and keyword search results in connection to our organization.

Feedback and Comment Management

Comment management and public relations on all of our social media sites/tools will be outsourced. Monitoring of our brand and mentions in press and outside media will also be handled by our outsourced PR managers. We have instituted a 10:1 comment to response ratio that must be met or improved. All negative feedback on Facebook and Twitter shall be addressed by our PR management by providing contact information for the dissatisfied user and follow up on the situation following one to one contact between the customer and a customer relations representative.


We plan to portray our humanitarian, environmental, an every day principles through our tone and content in social media. We are an organization harnessing the creative talents of individuals to spread inspiring messages and products through our apparel and through the One for One movement. We are a company harnessing the principles of our American upbringing with our responsibility to the environment and others through something as simple as a pair of shoes or the gift of sight.

Through our social media presence, we will portray a company who is empathetic, willing to help, and progressive in policy and design, just as we are.