under armour is a charmer! who couldn't resist their yoga wear?

I propose a Google AdWords campaign where Under Armour (UA), the American sports clothing and accessories company, would focus on promoting its line of Yoga apparel. Their merchandise in this area includes leggings, tank tops, shorts, and bags.

Yoga is a lucrative market. According to the IBISWorld’s Pilates & Yoga Studios market research report published in September 2011, the industry takes in 
$7 billion dollars in annual revenue and has a yearly growth rate of 9.5 percent. In addition, the Yoga Business Academy notes the median household income of practitioners is more than $82,000. 

While UA does have a Google AdWords campaign, the company has not used the service to extensively market its Yoga offerings. A UA ad comes up with such general keywords as “sports clothing,” “sports apparel,” and “gym clothes.” However, there isn’t an ad when broad Yoga keywords are entered, such as “yoga clothing,” “yoga wear,” and “yoga apparel.” I propose the company buy these and other similar terms. 

An ad does, however, appear when the words “under armour yoga” is introduced. The ad links to the “Women’s Studio” section of the UA site featuring yoga gear. So, the company does promote its yoga merchandise. It just needs to broaden its approach in order to attract those who seek yoga attire, but may not be familiar with the UA brand.

Finally, I propose an initial monthly budget of $10,000, or $333.33 per day. I'd like a return on investment (ROI) of 20 percent - $12,000 - in order for the campaign to be continued for an extended period. And, these sales would need to come from customers who connect directly from Google AdWords to the UA site. 




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