My client is Under Armour (UA), the American sports clothing and accessories company. And, my social media plan expands on my Google AdWords strategy of promoting its line of yoga apparel. 

My target audience would be women, who comprise 72 percent of those who practice yoga in the U.S. This according to

UA already has a strong social media presence as far as promoting its products to females. The “Under Armour Women” Facebook page has nearly 286,000 likes, and the Twitter account has almost 17,000 followers. These platforms would also be used to promote UA’s yoga wear.

In addition, UA recently launched its “What’s Beautiful” campaign. The concept is to unite women and provide a platform to achieve their athletic goals. Women are encouraged to post photos and videos to the program's website chronicling their achievements. 

Also, UA sponsors Lindsey Vonn, a champion American skier. She's featured prominently in UA marketing, including the aforementioned  “Under Armour Women” Facebook and Twitter pages, and in several YouTube videos.

However, one significant social media piece UA doesn’t have is a general blog. And that’s my “big idea.”

While the company does have a blog that focuses on its line of hunting clothes -- -- the look and tone doesn’t fit with my plan to promote its yoga apparel to women. So, a new resource is needed.

Nike and Lululemon, UA's major competitors in the yoga apparel space, have significant blog presence.

Nike uses its blog -- -- to discuss topics such as its merchandise and the athletes it endorses. On the other hand, the Lulu blog -- -- is more of “lifestyle” forum. Categories are far ranging and include culture and media, and food and drink. Of course, there are also sections dedicated to Lulu products and gear. 

The new UA blog would be closer to the Nike platform. It could be used to discuss any of the company’s products as well as the athletes it sponsors. And, it would include infomation on UA's Yoga wear.

As part of my research, I talked to a few women who practice yoga. All of them own Lululemon apparel; Lucy and MPG Sports products were also mentioned. Curiously, none even knew UA offered yoga clothes. However, they did have a favorable impression of the UA brand, and they would be open to wearing it.

So, given this knowledge, I believe UA could claim additonal marketshare with an effective social media campaign.