Mazda 2



This assignment will cover all the basics of the social media campaign for Mazda.

First, let’s talk about the target audience. In this campaign, we will try to reach college students, from major 25 US universities. The big plan will be to take a Mazda 3 and Mazda 2 to these location, and have an event over the weekend, where students will get to test drive the cars. They will also enter a drawing, and, at the end of the year, Mazda will give away two cars for the lucky contestants. There will also be free giveaways during the events (caps, umbrellas, car accessories.) There will be one event every two weeks.

There will be a blog developed maintained by our social media specialist, who will create fresh content each weekend: a blog entry before the event, live twitter feed during the event, posting photos of happy students and the car, and a blog entry and gallery posting after the event. There will also be a Facebook page for the campaign, which will mainly have the same content as Twitter throughout the week, with less frequent updates during the event (we don’t want to overcrowd people’s Facebook New Feed, so we only post every 2 hours during the event, and 3 posts a day in the previous week, and Twitter much more frequently: every hour during the event, and every 2-3 hours during the week.)

Calculating the budget is also an important part of the campaign. As I read in an article, a we would spend a monthly $2,500 on Twitter, $4,000 on Facebook, $5,000 on the blog, and for professionally edited photos and videos for the blog and Facebook, we will pay $4,000. This, for a 12 moth campaign will bring the total for social media to $138,000.  We will also have to add the salaries of the employees working at the event (3 greeters, 1 co-pilot for test driving, 2 truck drivers -for the cars,- and 4 maintenance people) which would be an average $40,000/person, with a total of $400,000  total.  With additional expenses (gas, accommodation for employees, and other miscellaneous costs) would be an estimate of $62,000.  This will bring our grand total for the campaign to $600,000. (we can also add the cost of the gifts and the two cars to the total)

Our goal is to gain awareness of these Mazda cars, more specifically: 300,000 twitter followers, and 300,000 likes on Facebook by the end of the campaign, with an average of 100-150 likes per blog post, bi-weekly 250 Facebook post shares, 500 RTs on Twitter. The videos should have an average viewing of 50,000. These numbers might seem low, but taking into consideration the size of colleges and number of student we can reach, this is good.

We will re-tweet and share people’s own photos, stories and experiences of the event. We will offer gifts for those who share these with us. When it comes to negative comments, we will handle it professionally: by not getting emotional, not ignoring the comment, deciding if it’s a troll attack, if the consumer has a valid point, or he/she is missing the full story and reply in that way, by protecting our brand, but also not blaming the consumer, especially if there is some truth to what he she is saying. (this response method I’ve read in How To Respond To Negative Comments on Your Social Media Sites.)