Google is All Encompassing!

Google ServicesGoogle's history is amazing. In less than 20 years, they went from working in a garage to offices all over the world, and allowing people to create everything from an email account to file storage in one central location.

At the non profit organization I work for we use Google platform for gmail, calendar, docs, groups and blogger; which helps us work as a group on documents and make calendar appointments. I also use it for my personal email and can view my work items as well. I created a feedburner account for my Wordpress blog. I like Google books; I'm more of a physical book person, but like the fact that I can access books anytime online with just a click. While looking around at the many services, I tried a few new ones and like these:


I created a Picasa account, and downloaded some photo from a recent trip. I like the ability to store the photos in my personal files and online, and I really like the collage option of grouping certain pictures together and how it will separate images from a group photo and creating individual photos.


iGoogle is another feature I liked. I created a homepage on my personal and work gmail account, added a theme and widgets for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I like to check out the news, so having some sites I visit on the home page is cool. 

 Google Voice

I have set up a Google voice number to give my clients at work, it rings on my phone, sends a message to my email account with the phone number and provides a playback of the message. It prevents me from carrying around two phones.

Cole/Mehraban links to unusual uses of Google and shortcuts in Google search was a good reminder on how to search for specific things with the right phrase, inclusion of exact location or tools such as quotation marks that will get you to your site quicker. (For example, other states have a city named Detroit, who knew).

 While discovering all the things Google can do, I kept coming back to Scott's discussion on the importance of buyer personas (pgs 141-142) and how important it is to research a groups problems, what they read where they go online and what words and phrases they use. Google can make this research easier with their tools. There's also Google forms and survey where you can create online surveys for and forms for your business.

A couple of things I want to check out more:

  • Feedburner and how it works to promote blogs
  • Tutorials on Google Analytics

A sidenote, Google Web Accelerator has been discontinued. 

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