Full Digital Strategy - Whole Foods 365 Days a Year!


What Whole Foods is currently doing with social media networks. Present a picture of how Whole Foods Market uses social media to promote their business and products and how they promote and educate the community prior to the store opening in an area. Build an identity around the 365 products that will have broad appeal to the target audiences and prepared meals.

The competition and their lack of social media networks; I’ll present a picture of Kroger and Trader Joe's and how they promote their business without social media. 


Because Whole Foods Market is now moving into Detroit, I plan to present the 365 brand and how they can use it to show that they can have competitive pricing with a chain like Kroger but it’s a higher quality product. They also have great prepared meals, which will appeal to Generation X'ers who are on the go and looking for quick good food. There also is a growing community of folks who are interested in products that are more environmentally friendly and safer to use in their home, so the appeal to this audience is with the promotion of safer eco-friendly products that Whole Foods carries, including the 365 brand. 

My three target audiences


  • Interested in healthy food for family meals
  • Cost effective meal planning and development
  • Store favorites


  • Prepared meals to go
  • Quick and easy check-out
  • New products

Green eco-friendly

  • Using green safe products in their home
  • Saving the environment from poisonous chemicals    
  • Cost friendly products

Social Media - QR Codes to recipes, and new 365 products, blogs about customer stories using 365 products, develop a weekly green club for urban gardeners to sell their produce on-site and give gardening lessons, develop a Whole Foods Market Pinterest board of 365 products and how people use them to make great meals, clean their house and ask folks to pin their own stories, Facebook site for instant feedback on questions, comments, suggestions. 

Internet marketing - coupons that download to a mobile device, meal planning and weekly prepared meal menus with video preparations, videos for diy projects and information on green initiatives, , create the ability to track your product buying to keep your pantry stocked

Mobile strategy - tweets about 365 products and savings, ordering products from your mobile devices and pick-up at stores, scan your products to see what you are spending and send your items to a cashier for easy checkout, the ability to track your prepared meal purchase and after every 8th meal, the 9th is free.

Budget is here.

Response Plan - Respond to customer feedback by close of business each day through employee monitoring of Facebook and Twitter accounts. Identify employees from each section of the store to have equipment necessary to monitor social media sites and respond. The approach and tone for online interactions would be more shopper to shopper engagement; with recommendations for products based on their purchases, sharing of stories about their experiences at the store. I would go for relationship building between the employees and the customers. 

Whole Foods Market

            Kroger    Trader Joe's


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