Location-Based Apps: How Can They Help?

I found this week’s assignment to be very interesting from a marketing perspective, and discovered a lot of new ways to use mobile marketing. When I first heard about location-based apps like FourSquare, I had no idea why anyone would want to use them. Who cares where I’m eating, shopping, or running errands? After doing some research, however, I realized the implications these apps can have for businesses. The first article I came across was this NMDL resource. It outlines basic steps and tips for FourSquare marketing, and was a good resource for a beginner like me. Simple steps such as checking into your work every day is a great idea and allows your followers to see where you work and keeps it fresh in your mind. You can also add tips to show your followers what’s going on within your business.

Something else I found while doing research was this article about a new service that FourSquare has recently come out with. The new service will show you if you have any friends nearby when you check in somewhere. More importantly, however, it will connect you with other apps depending where you check in. I found this to be very interesting and a great potential way to cross-market. For example, when you check into a restaurant, “Eat This, Not That” will give you a list of healthier options to consider. Untappd will provide you with beer recommendations from friends, and FoodSpotting will provide opinions on the best dishes to order.

Overall, I think FourSquare is a great way to utilize mobile marketing. Businesses can promote themselves as well as keeping track of where their current and potential clients are checking in and what their interests are. As FourSquare keeps expanding, it will only become more useful to marketers and businesses.