It Pays to Know: Using Google Tools to Profit From Information

While browsing the plethora of digital expansion opportunists offered by various Google tools, apps, and services, I had a "lightbulb" moment.... All of the Google tools were offering ways to grow your business, the Google Apps offered fun ways to connect, and Google's services somehow simplified everything. Why not use your ideas and a combination of Google offerings to create a working concept for a brand of your own? Using Google one could set up and manage a service without the luxury of financial capital, you could instead harness the capital of information. Almost anyone can start a Google based business by simply integrating the use of a variety of Google wares behind their common idea. A new small business started using Google is benefited by the strong infrastructure, positive brand relations, and even technical support.

Say for example, as a private Spanish language tutor; You could use Google's video chat for tutoring sessions, upload specified lessons to a cloud for easy client access, and distribute assignments/test/readings through Google docs. This is all done a centralized site built with Google pages, hosted on their servers, and collecting your profit through Google checkout. If you have the desire to expand even further, The Google App Engine could even help you develop an interactive app, even if its something simple like a flashcard app that could link to the calender and follow along with your lesson plans. With a little ingenuity, the possibilities are potentially limitless, you can easily offer your tutoring program nationwide. This same concept could be applied to any business where information and interaction is key, think of a chef teaching cooking online, or a RC hobbyist hosting live instructional builds by video conference.

If done right, one could based an entire business on an integrated Google project. Then using the better known tools easily market that service to a target area much larger than they possibly could have without using Google. At the additional benefit of being relatively easy and mostly free. With the wide range of Google offerings, successful concepts are simply waiting to be put together... And all the pieces are there....