As we stated last week, my idea for a social DreamWorks campaign would be to release the movie trailer in specialized 10 second increments. With each new 10,000 view a new video 10 seconds longer than the original would be released.  When 90,000 people have viewed the videos we will release the 90 second long trailer of the new DreamWorks animated film.  This is our strategy, now lets explain how we will use social media to make this a successful Social Campaign.

First is our audience. Our age demographic for this film is 12-30. Pre-teens are young enough that they are on facebook and willing to watch this type of movie, young adults enjoy animated films, and older adults most likely have children and would enjoy letting their kids see this type of film. But most importantly everyone in this age range is adapt to social media. We will appeal to both Genders.  

After doing research we noticed their is a Gender divide when it comes to social media. Women are the heavy users of Twitter and Facebook and more likely to comment and share content. The only social media hevan Men have where they outnumber women is

Knowing the above information we can move onto the next step. Managing content. Since women are on Facebook and Twitter, and they are more likely to comment, like, fan, and share we need to be active on facebook while still managing our mystique of our film. Since we are revealing the film slowly in 10 second increments we want to maintain the mystery with our posts. So on facebook/twitter we will have updates 3-4 times a week. We will either have screenshots of something in the trailers and asking people what they think is the importance of this video, we will ask questions in our status to create conversations among our followers, posts the newest trailer when it comes out etc. On reddit we will be simpler. We will post our video links on reddit on various subreddit groups and let it take life. To get it noticed we will have our own team upvote the content and add a few filler comments to get people engaged and then we will let the reddit universe handle itself.  We will do this repeated process 3 times a week to make sure our content is in the top upvote category so people we constantly see it when its on the front page. 

Reddit, facebook, twitter, and youtube are going to be our main social platforms that we operate on. We will build our budget around this fact. To maintain facebook, twitter, and reddit content we will work on a $2000/monthly budget. Next is our youtube budget which will closely be linked to our video produciton costs. To create 8 specialized video plus one full 90 second trailer we are estimating a cost of $12,000.  We do realize that there could be some unforseen costs so our minimum yearly budget for this campaign would be $40,000.

Our clear goal is to get 90,000 views for our videos, 10,000 views per newly released video. This will be the instant measure of our success to see if we can release all 9 videos. 90,000 views is are minimum goal if we can exceeded 200,000 views we will be pleased. A second measure of success is our comment sections and how many times our links are shared.  We realize that fans, likes, and follower numbers can be misleading and also people who don't follow into those categories can also be engaged with our campaign. So we are concerned how often people share our video and how many people comment and how often they comment.

We will have people monitioring our posts and comment sections to make sure the conversations and also our brand voice match with the DreamWorks image, which is kid friendly, family friendly, creative, inspirational. Along these lines if someone posts a negative comment we won't take it down, because we don't want to appear to censor people. Instead we will first respond to the comment in the comment section to try and figure our why the negative view is being held. Next we will take the negative comment and in our next post post the quotation of the negative comment and ask for feedback from our followers and what their opinion of the negative comment is. This way we can see if people agree with this person and how people view our brand. 

This is a newly thought advertising campaign, so we don't know the true outcome it will have. We hope it will be successful, but no one truly knows how it will turn out. Our competitor, Pixar, hasn't tried an advertising campaign like this. Their recent social stratgies were to released "leaked" footages and various intervals to promote the cars 2 movie, and they created a few mock ads that featured clips from the new movie Brave.  However, if our campaign succeeds it could start an industry trend to be more creative with animated films.